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As Sunita Kejriwal Takes Centrestage, AAP Says “She’s Best Person To…”

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While Sunita Kejriwal takes center stage, AAP says, 'She is the best person to...'

Arvind Kejriwal’s wife Sunita has addressed three digital briefings so far, reading his messages

New Delhi:

AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj has said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s wife Sunita is the best person to hold the party together under the prevailing circumstances and asserted that her presence has had a “positive impact” on the cadre.

In an interaction with the editors of news agency PTI at the agency headquarters, Mr Bharadwaj, who is also a minister in the Delhi government, said Sunita Kejriwal has always said that she is the ‘messenger’ of the Delhi Chief Minister, who is currently in prison. .

Noting that the politics of a party is not just about the manifesto, Mr Bharadwaj said the support and emotional bond between the cadre and the top leadership also play a crucial role in keeping an organization together.

“The presence of Sunita Kejriwal has had a positive impact,” he added.

“She is conveying the messages of Arvind Kejriwal ji. This has had a great impact on our party cadre and among our sympathizers. We want to propagate this. In the current circumstances, she is the best person to hold the party together,” said the sir said Bharadwaj.

Arvind Kejriwal, arrested by the Enforcement Directorate in a money laundering case related to the Delhi government’s now-abolished excise policy, is in judicial custody till April 15.

His wife has addressed three digital briefings so far, reading out his messages from the Enforcement Directorate custody and Tihar jail.

In a political debut of sorts, she read out his message ‘maharally’ to the INDIA bloc on March 31.

Asked whether Sunita Kejriwal will campaign for the party in the Lok Sabha polls, he said, “We would love it if this happens… if Sunita ji does join the campaign, but it is her personal decision. “

When he further asked whether there was some kind of ‘message’ in Sunita Kejriwal that took center stage after her husband’s arrest, the minister replied in the negative.

AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh, who was also arrested in the excise case and was granted bail on Wednesday, had met Sunita Kejriwal immediately after she came out of jail and was seen touching her feet.

Speaking about this, the minister said that if one’s elder brother is in trouble, he has a duty to take care of his family.

“This is our culture. The BJP said there would be a fight among the party members after Kejriwal’s arrest. Sanjay Singh considers Arvind Kejriwal as his family, his elder brother. So he touched her (Sunita Kejriwal) feet. one unit and one family,” he said.

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