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Archana Puran Singh Reveals She Has Been Battling Anxiety For Decades: “It Keeps Me Awake”

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Archana Puran Singh reveals she has struggled with anxiety for decades: 'It keeps me awake'

Archana Puran Singh shared this image. (politeness: archanapuransingh)

New Delhi:

Archana Puran Singh recently opened up about her personal struggle with anxiety. Looking back on her younger years, she said there was no terminology to define what she was experiencing, but she often felt a persistent knot in her stomach. Talking about her struggle with insomnia due to anxiety, Archana Puran Singh said that she is not an expert but she has learned to deal with it over time. She called anxiety both her “best friend” and a disruptor, noting that it pushes her to excel but also keeps her awake when she wants to rest.

The caption read: “Today they call it anxiety. In my time it was a normal state before an exam, an event, a date… No one asked us how we felt. We ourselves did not question the frequent knotting. in our stomachs!! We just carried on. It was just another day, and sometimes an almost constant state of being for long periods of time. I describe my life as a very happy one… even in the hard times. You’ It will be fine too.”

Archana Puran Singh added, “I’m obviously not an expert. But I have experience in dealing with it. I have learned from it. And I have managed to reduce the power or grip on me. It is sometimes my best friend when I do my job well. But this ‘friend’ also keeps me awake when I want to sleep early. Yet I don’t focus on that. I choose to focus on all the good things that happen in my life every day. I count the number of happy and joyful moments in every day, and that makes my whole day a happy day.”

Archana Puran Singh decided to focus on the positive aspects of life and concluded her note by emphasizing the importance of cherishing happy moments every day. She said her son encouraged her to share her experiences publicly. “I posted it as a story, but my son happened to ask what it was, and he said, ‘Mom, why don’t you post it as a message? I’m sure someone could benefit from reading this.’ .’ Well, if that happens, I’ll add a few more happy moments to my day!! I love everyone and choose to have a happy day every day.”

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