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Archana Puran Singh Reveals She “False Laughed” On The Kapil Sharma Show: “I Was Not Happy”

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Archana Puran Singh Reveals She 'Laughed Cheatly' on Kapil Sharma Show: 'I Wasn't Happy'

Archana Puran Singh op The great Indian Kapil show‘s press conference.

New Delhi:

Archana Puran Singh is currently gearing up for the release of her upcoming comedy series The great Indian Kapil show on Netflix, where she is joined by Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover and others. Known for her role as a judge on several comedy shows, Archana recently addressed past criticism for “cheating laughs” over jokes that were deemed insufficient at the show’s press conference, as stated by Indian Express.

She said, “Anyway, now I’m happy to say that there are now very few instances where the jokes don’t have the punch that makes me ‘cheat laugh’, that’s number 1, number 2 is what Kapil is telling now “You should have said that, this joke was not launched,” he says on stage itself and we even broadcast it. So we are the first to laugh at ourselves and that is why the world laughs with us.” She also said that such cases are now rare. Explaining the evolution of her approach, Archana noted, “It doesn’t happen anymore. Now you’ll see it, in the last three years, since we’ve been doing the show, and especially now that we’re on Netflix.”

She added, “Earlier, people said that I used to laugh at bad jokes too, I wasn’t happy with it. What happened then is that if a particular joke didn’t have the punch, they (the makers) thought if we did Archana’s using laughter then woh punch utth jaayega (it will make people laugh), but it didn’t work like that, woh punch nahi utha, but especially hi baith gayi (it didn’t get funnier, and I got criticized People started thinking, ‘This woman is angry, she laughs for nothing. The integrity of my laughter got the better of me.’

Archana Puran Singh further said that her laughter now serves as genuine feedback. “I really laugh at the good jokes,” she said.

Archana Puran Singh shared her enthusiasm for what she considers the ‘best job in the world’, highlighting how she continually ‘laughs her way to the bank’. Reflecting on her unexpected fame for her smile, Archana said, “I didn’t know that one day I would become more famous for my smile. As an actor, I always thought my performances would be famous, but just see where fate takes you. ….It’s the best job in the world, I laugh all the way to the bank. I have the best time, you can imagine, watching one episode, one show, people are longing to see the event, to see the live Kapil Sharma show, and I am there as a guest every time, so it is a great opportunity.”

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