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Apprentice Megan Hornby’s business was on the brink of collapse after losing her final

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Debutante star Megan Hornby’s business was “on the verge of breaking” after her time filming the BBC’s Reported show.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur narrowly missed out on a place in the final when she became third of the five other ejected, before landing Marnie Swindells a £250,000 Lord Sugar investment.

According to the sun After wrapping up filming Meghan’s confectionery shop in Hull faced closing due to the cost of living crisis.

The publication reported that Meghan had contacted her local council for help saying they needed a revamp in order to stay afloat.

“After initially thriving, my business has struggled over the past six to nine months to the point where we are on the verge of collapse,” she told a council meeting.

Change of destiny: Actress Megan Hornby, 26, was on the brink of collapse after her time spent filming a BBC show was reported

Shock: This was reported following the filming of the wrap of Meghan’s pastry shop in Hull which faced closing its doors due to the cost of living crisis

The business opened during the lockdown to sell sweets and cakes, before deciding to apply for an alcohol license.

The Sun also revealed that she told councilors: “People can’t afford the same amount of money they did before because of the cost of living crisis, so I had to do something to keep the doors open.”

“That’s why I want to start selling hot food like burgers and chips and alcohol as a place to eat and drink.”

Fortunately, her request is granted and the businesswoman renovates the pastry shop into a trendy cocktail bar.

She often takes to social media to showcase the quirky interior as well as the full selection of great drinks.

MailOnline has contacted Meghan’s reps for comment.

It comes after MailOnline reported that The Apprentice winner Marnie Swindells watched her father die in the caravan they shared when she was just eight – but believes her childhood trauma drove her to succeed.

Lord Sugar’s new business partner was wearing a school uniform when her beloved father lost his life before her eyes after she directed an ambulance through the caravan park to where he was in desperate need of medical attention.

THE PLACE FOR YOU: Luckily, I asked for a liquor license and the businesswoman turned the pastry shop into a trendy cocktail bar

Party time: She often takes to social media to showcase her quirky interior as well as a whole host of cool drinks

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A few days after witnessing the heartbreaking event, 28-year-old boxing gym owner Marnie takes the lead in her school’s dance-singing performance on stage in an effort to prove to the world her determination to succeed, even as a heartbroken child.

In an exclusive interview, Marnie explained to MailOnline how she kept her late father by her side during the apprentice process by wearing a gold bracelet he had planned to give her when she turned nine, but who sadly passed away weeks before her birthday.

She said: “My father died suddenly when we were in the caravan when he was 47. I saw everything that was going on and I was actually the one who got the ambulance.

I ran to guide them because they couldn’t get to the site where we were living, I was running in uniform in front of the ambulance and there was tremendous pressure to get them to the convoy quickly to try and help.

An emotional Marnie didn’t want to reveal exactly how her father died, but explained that it was an accident, which could have been avoided on a different day.

Marnie, who grew up in Oldham, Manchester, the same week her father died, said she acted in a school musical after her mother advised staying strong was the only way forward.

HONEST: The Apprentice winner Marnie Swindells watched her dad die in the caravan they shared when she was 8 — but believes her childhood trauma drove her to succeed

Fight: Days after witnessing the heartbreaking event, boxing gym owner Marnie performs the lead role in her school’s show of Grease (she portrayed Marnie in her caravan as a child)

It was the anger and confusion Marnie felt after the sad loss of her father that inspired her to take up boxing, channeling her negative energy in a positive way.

She explained, ‘I was a lead in a school play around the time he died and within a couple of days I was back in school performing.

He passed away on Tuesday and on Friday night I played Sandy in Grace and went up to sing and dance. My mom is very hard, and she said that now it happened, and we have to keep going.

It was a strange time because I felt I had to step up and be the man of the house because my mother was never very good at forms or letters, all the supervisor that comes when someone dies even at eight, I felt very responsible. You became my father, I had to wear those shoes.

She battled a 17-candidate competition to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment during series seventeen of The Apprentice and Marnie says her late father was with her every step of the way.

In particular, she sensed his presence in the back of Lord Sugar’s Rolls-Royce after she was crowned champion, wearing the gold bracelet he hadn’t had the chance to gift her.

She said: ‘My father left me a bracelet which my mother had no idea about and which he must have been saving for. It was a small golden bracelet.

He passed away a few weeks before my birthday and my mom found him in his coat pocket when she was clearing out his things.

I wore it throughout the final moments of The Apprentice. In a Rolls Royce, I wore it because I wanted it to be with me in a Rolls Royce. I wore it during the You’re Hired show, which was a way he could be physical.

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