After refusing to fly to the UK, Anne Sacoolas, Harry Dunn’s cowardly Killer’ refuses to answer any questions

“Have a nice Day” – These were the only words of comfort that the ‘cowardly US diplomat’ responsible for the death teenager Harry Dunn gave to his grieving family. 

US citizen Anne Sacoolas, 45, was yesterday sentenced at the Old Bailey to eight months in prison suspended for 12 months for causing the death of Mr Dunn on August 27, 2019. 

Following the crash outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire, Harry was flung from his motorcycle as Sacoolas’ Volvo XC90 burst into flames. He later died in hospital. 

But Sacoolas didn’t appear at Old Bailey Instead of being sentenced yesterday, he took the advice from a government employer to not attend court. 

Now footage has emerged that shows Sacoolas, a former CIA operative, running away from a reporter as he refused to answer her question about Wednesday’s court hearing.   

Cowardly: Anne Sacoolas was sentenced at the Old Bailey to eight months suspended for causing the death of Harry Dunn. Now footage shows the 45-year-old running from an American reporter.

Sacoolas Refused To Answer Any Questions Following The Sentencing When Approached By A Reporter And Instead Rushing Into A Lift Saying: 'Have A Nice Day'

When approached by a reporter, Sacoolas refused any questions and instead ran into a lift saying: “Have a nice morning.”

Harry Dunn, 19, Died In August 2019, When He Was Struck By A Car Driven By Us Diplomat'S Wife Anne Sacoolas Outside Raf Croughton In Northamptonshire

Harry Dunn, aged 19, was killed in an accident in August 2019 when he was struck by a car driven north by Anne Sacoolas, a US diplomat.

Asked by a Sky New reporter James Matthews ‘what words do you have for Harry Dunn’s family today?’, Sacoolas simply replied: ‘Have a nice day.’

‘Have you compounded their grief by delaying justice for three years?’ continues the reporter as Sacoolas, wearing a navy blue baseball cap, face mask and white shirt, remains silent and waits for a lift.

The convicted criminal is then walked with an aide, who attempts to block the passage. Sky’s camera from filming, placing a folder up in front of it.

‘Why didn’t you go to attend court in the UK,’ continues Mr Matthews, who is SkyThe US correspondent. Sacoolas then scurries into a lift, saying ‘thank you’.

Then another woman tells the story. Sky News team: ‘You are not getting in this elevator.’

Continuing with his questioning, Mr Matthews asks: ‘Mrs Sacoolas, why did the Harry Dunn family have to wait for three years to see you receive justice today? What words do you have for Harry Dunn’s family?’

Harry Dunn'S Stepfather Bruce Charles And Mother Charlotte Charles Speak To Media After The Sentencing Of Anne Sacoolas

Harry Dunn’s stepfather Bruce Charles and mother Charlotte Charles speak to media after the sentencing of Anne Sacoolas

The Family Of Harry Dunn (Left To Right) Mother Charlotte Charles, Stepfather Bruce Charles, Stepmother Tracey Dunn, Father Tim Dunn And Family Advisor Radd Seiger, Pictured Arriving At The Old Bailey This Afternoon For The Sentencing Of Anne Sacoolas

The family of Harry Dunn (left to right) mother Charlotte Charles, stepfather Bruce Charles, stepmother Tracey Dunn, father Tim Dunn and family advisor Radd Seiger, pictured arriving at the Old Bailey this afternoon for the sentencing of Anne Sacoolas

A timeline of tragedy following Harry Dunn’s death 

27 August 2019: Harry Dunn, 19, killed while riding his motorcycle near Croughton, Northamptonshire near the exit to RAF Croughton, when it collided with a car travelling in the opposite direction.

28 August 2019: Suspect Anne Sacoolas is interviewed by police. Northamptonshire police request a diplomatic immunity waiver.

16 September 2019: Foreign office informs police that the waiver had been declined and that Sacoolas had left the UK on a US Air Force aircraft.

15 October 2019: Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn take their campaign for justice to the US where they meet with President Trump at the White House. They refuse meet the suspect, who was waiting in a room next door.

31 October 2019: Northamptonshire police interview Sacoolas in the US after requesting permission to do so.

25 November 2019: Dunn’s parents submit a judicial review of the Foreign Secretary’s actions over the extension of diplomatic immunity to intelligence staff and families at RAF Croughton.

20 December 2019: Crown Prosecution Service announces that Sacoolas to be charged with causing death by dangerous driving and that it was starting extradition proceedings against her. 

10 January: Home Office formally requests the extradition of Sacoolas to face charges in the United Kingdom. 

23 January: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo formally rejects request for extradition.

28 April: Charlotte and Tim write a letter to the US Government, urging it to change its mind on the diplomatic immunity granted to Sacoolas. 

11 May: An Interpol Red Notice is issued for Sacoolas’ arrest.   

May 12: The US State Department says the decision not to extradite Sacoolas is ‘final’ after Interpol notice claims.

May 20: Mr Dunn’s mother calls for Mr Raab’s resignation.

July 22: Mr Raab announces the ‘anomaly’ which allowed Sacoolas to claim diplomatic immunity following the road crash that killed Mr Dunn has been amended.

August 25: The Lord Chancellor said Attorney General Suella Braverman was considering the possibility of trying Sacoolas virtually or in her absence.

September 9: Mr Dunn’s parents file a civil claim against Sacoolas in the US.

September 10: Sacoolas’s legal representatives admit the suspect had been driving on the wrong side of the road for 20 seconds prior to the crash.

November 24: Mr Dunn’s parents lose their High Court battle with the Foreign Office over the diplomatic immunity asserted on behalf of Sacoolas. 

January 24: The Foreign Office apologises after ‘unprofessional and unacceptable language’ was used by officials in internal emails about Mr Dunn’s bereaved family.

January 28: New US President Joe Biden’s administration maintains the position that the decision not to extradite Sacoolas is ‘final’.

February 4: The Alexandria District Court in Virginia hears Sacoolas and her husband Jonathan’s work in intelligence was a ‘factor’ in their departure from the UK after the road crash.

March 9: Sacoolas’s lawyer says the suspect is willing to complete community service.

June 12: Mr Raab says the UK Government would be seeking a ‘virtual trial or process’ for Sacoolas.

July 2: Mr Dunn’s parents give evidence under oath in their ‘depositions’ as part of the civil claim for damages filed in the US.

September 21: Mr Dunn’s parents and Sacoolas reach a ‘resolution’ in the civil claim for damages filed in the US.

September 22: Mr Dunn’s mother says she is ‘very confident’ a criminal case will take place against Sacoolas.

October 22: Sacoolas pleads guilty to causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving.

December 22: Sacoolas is sentenced to an eight month sentence suspended for 12 months.

Mr Dunn’s killer, 45, refuses to answer the question and is seen frantically pressing buttons inside the lift before a male aide steps in to help.

The footage will come as a major blow to Mr Dunn’s family, who were yesterday furious at the American’s decision not to appear in person at the Old Bailey.  

Speaking to reporters outside the Old Bailey, Harry’s mother Charlotte Charles blasted her son’s killer.

She said: ‘She should have been there. I think it’s despicable that she didn’t come over on the judge’s orders. Huge coward.’

Meanwhile, Sacoolas refused to answer any questions following the sentencing.

Approached by a Sky News reporter, she was asked: ‘What words can you use to help Harry Dunn’s family?”

She Answered: “Have a nice Day.” 

Ms. Charles said earlier, after the sentencing, that she had also said, “Job done. Promise complete.” Properly, fully complete now. Anne Sacoolas has a criminal record. Yes, Harry, we did it.

“We would have been content with anything, but it was about doing the right things.”

When asked if she would meet Sacoolas’, Ms. Charles replied: ‘Too late now.

She She also accused the British authorities of being ‘let down’ by her son’s death.

She Submitted Sky News that the US are ‘not my favourite and they are never going to be’, adding that ‘the UK really let us down badly in the beginning’.

Ms Charles said, “They are beginning to come good,” she added. However, I feel that I should reserve judgment for now.

Radd Seiger, family spokesperson, said that Anne Sacoolas was not the real enemy. The US government, which after Harry’s passing decided to kick them in their stomachs instead of doing what was right for the family, is our real enemy.

He The case was described by Harry as “one the most extraordinary legal matters in English history”, and he also expressed admiration for Harry’s parents for their tireless campaigning. 

Mr Seiger went on: Today is the end of the criminal phase and again the suggestion at the time was that this family was never going to get justice and that was never going to happen.

“So, today’s victory day. We can close this now, and she has a very severe sentence.

Today is all about Harry and today, about the parents. They are heroes to my mind. We now move on to the next phase in our campaign.

“The parents want to leave Harry a legacy, which is that it will never happen again.”

After hearing that Harry had begged a witness to help him after he was knocked from his motorbike by an American diplomat who was driving on the wrong side, the court ordered it.

Sacoolas had admitted to causing the death of someone by careless or inconsiderate motoring, but her government employer advised her to not attend her sentencing hearing today.

Mrs Justice Cheema Greema-Grubb disclosed that she was subject to a ‘barrier from the US’ Government Refusing to allow Mrs Sacoolas to appear in court.

James Cleverly, Foreign Secretary, stated that he hoped the judgement would bring closure to Harry Dunn’s family. He also said that ‘important lessons’ were learned from the case.

Today, Sacoolas looked as if she was wiping a tear while listening to Dunn’s mother’s distressing testimony at her sentencing hearing in Court One of the Old Bailey. Mrs Justice Cheema­Grubb was also present.   

The mother stated to the court that she was ‘absolutely fuming” at the US government’s advice not to travel to the UK for justice. This made the sentence ineffective.

In Court One, Mrs Charles broke down as she spoke. “Harry just disappeared from my life that night, shattering all my existence forever,” she said.

“His passing haunts my every minute of every single day and I don’t know how I’m going to ever get over it.”

“I made a promise that Harry would be treated fairly in the hospital, and a mother never makes a mistake when making a promise to her child.

Mrs Justice Cheema Greb passed sentence and said: “A request to your extradition was made in 2020. It has been denied.”

“It is clear that the calm and dignified persistence shown by these parents and his family has enabled him to endure three years of heartbreak and struggle before he finally appeared before this court to confess his guilt. 

Duncan Atkinson, KC, opened the facts by describing how Mr Dunn was struck in the head with his Kawaski motorbike after it collided with Sacoolas Volvo.

Sacoolas was driving her two children home from a barbecue at Croughton US AFB when the collision occurred.

After spending the afternoon at Robert Hill’s house, Mr Dunn was heading home on his motorbike.

Mr Atkinson stated:He His normal self was described as happy, joking, and his normal self.

After the collision, there was an ‘explosion & fire’ in which Mrs Sacoolas got on the wrong side.

‘Harry Dunn was thrown over the Volvo’s front and then struck the rear window before it came to rest behind.

“(The Volvo’s rear window had been smashed, and its airbags had been activated. The motorbike sustained extensive fire damage.

The collision occurred on the B4031, which is a two-carriageway road that runs between Croughton village in Northamptonshire and Croughton US Air Base, Northamptonshire. It has a 40mph speed limit.

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