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5 Ideas For Designing The Best Real Estate Logos


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A logo helps you distinguish your brand from others. With the evolution in the real estate industry, having a unique logo has become a necessity of a successful business. Here are five ideas for designing a unique real estate logo.

Logos should be about real estate and less about you.

The very first idea to design a real estate logo is to keep it service centric. Many times real estate businesses fail to attract their audience. And this happens due to their brand logo. The customers get an idea about your brand by looking at your logo. In case a logo doesn’t make the customers under tsad what the brand is about, you tend to fail at the very first step. Crafting a real estate logo should be more about the real estate service and less of the brand name. Everything from the color to the slogans should be focused solely on real estate.

Choose images that coincide with real estate.

A logo is made with the combination of typography and image. If any of this is not upto the mark, the logo does not come out as expected. You need to be clear about what all ages you will put in the logo. Mostly your real estate logo should have an image of property and buildings. This way the customer gets an exact idea of what you do. Images on the logo must impart the exact nature of the services provided by the brand.

Design to characterize your niche.

As you look for real estate logo ideas, do not forget that you design a logo that characterizes your area and niche. You may find several logos online that highlight the name of the company with the desired color combination and a coinciding graphic image. Such logos are good to go ahead only if any of the elements in the logo does not intend to dominate the other. Find out images that reflect the geographical features of real estate and the exact area that you deal in. Like you sell desery so go for rolling hills, if you sell beach side properties then use symbols of oceans. Always keep in mind that your logo must represent the facts and services you provide.

Use colors and text that imparts experience and expertise.

It is generally said that a logo says a lot about the brand. This is so because your usage of colors and texts tells about your knowledge and experience. Colors and text are two of the most important elements that a customer notices about your logo which is why it is essential to use the colors wiseley. For a real estate company logo you must use bright blues, yellows etc for selling property near the beach. And for selling corporate or industrial area properties go for gray, navy blue and any other darker shade. Always pick clean and readable fonts.

Make a creative but professional logo.

Lastyly, be specific about the design you want to make. As mentioned above your real estate logo should be the exact representation of your business, but it should also be creative at the same time. The fact that you are providing professional services also clarifies why you need a professional logo. Be a little business casual while designing the logo. Neither stuff a lot of elements in a logo nor keep is extremely cool and calm.

For real estate logos you can also consider free logos available online. If not choose the exact same, you can at least get some idea from them.

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