10 Blogger Outreach Tools To Make Your Life Easier


For most bloggers, it is easier to write a blog post regularly than market it. Being creatives, they find marketing to be a monotonous and unimpressive task.

To get a grip and attract more readers, you need tools. There are plenty of them.

We help you find influencers, other prominent bloggers in your field, create a contact list, and set up an excellent campaign.

Not only do they help you find more audience, but they also verify email, keep track of contact information and manage analytics.

10 Best Blogger Outreach Tools

  • BuzzStream


On any list of blogger outreach tools, BuzzStream always is #1. It is the veritable Swiss knife of outreach tools.

It makes email management far more effortless. For that, it offers you several outstanding features:

As you browse the web, BuzzStream will automatically collect email addresses. Using the same method, it also collects influencers and their social media URLs.

You can compose and send emails from inside BuzzStream. These can be scheduled to go out later, depending on the time zone of the recipient.

A comprehensive tracker that analyses the emails that have been opened. It can auto-send reminders and alerts.

It is, of course, a premium software that costs $24 when billed monthly. The basic plan restricts you to 1000 recipients. The more expensive plans can handle hundreds of thousands of email addresses.

  • Ninja Outreach


Ninja Outreach markets itself as a prospecting tool. What does it mean? Simply put, it makes the task of collaborating with influencers and finding guest posting opportunities easier.

The software has several key features that have made it invaluable to large firms such as Disney and Airbnb.

Ninja Outreach comes with a vast database. By inputting keywords, you can immediately find thousands of businesses that would be interested in your content. 

It is possible to find leads by name and email address. These can be classified with tags.

Write emails using custom templates on offer. Your email manager can be synced to work with Ninja Outreach.  

It can scrape social media to find the best influencers according to parameters set by you.

The starter plan is priced at $588 annually. 

  • SEMrush


SEMrush is a top-end SaaS tool that is widely used for digital marketing. A competitor of Moz and Ahrefs, you can also use it for building outreach.

The main advantage of using SEMrush is the huge user community that can provide you feedback about every feature. Besides, there are extensive video tutorials on YouTube.

The Link Building Tool allows you to search for new prospects and send emails.

You can use SEMrush for reviewing your backlinks and those of your competitors. Also, there is extensive data about keywords for any domain.

View analytics for a domain before offering to write a guest post for them. Understanding the influence of a site is the key to writing high-quality guest posts.

Though the basic plan is priced at $120 per month, many tools are behind additional paywalls.

  • Mailshake


Mailshake is a state-of-the-art email outreach tool that specializes in cold calling. Though cold calling is the proven way to increase sales and outreach, it is extremely time-consuming and tedious. Mailshake automates much of this process and lets you build a prospect list without breaking a sweat.

What’s on offer?

Custom templates that allow you to make an impression on the reader. It is not an easy task to create a compelling layout for emails. Mailshake has several on offer in its library.

Completely automated mail sending and follow-up. It follows link clicking and provides feedback accordingly.

Integrates perfectly with SaaS platforms such as Google Forms and Salesforce for more effective outreach.

Basic email outreach plan is priced at $59 monthly. 

  • Snov.io


The best thing about Snov.io is its API that allows the program to communicate directly with your blogging platform. This is crucial in your attempt to automate and cut back time spent on outreach.

Snov.io is used by huge businesses such as Uber and trusted for its stability.

It makes email verification simple. Snov.io can detect temporary email addresses that many use to sign up for newsletters. These are automatically parsed from the list.

Snov.io is ideal for carrying out drip campaigns, an email strategy that acts on triggers to send out new emails as required.

If you add it to the Chrome browser, it can collect email addresses as you browse using it.

Premium plans start at $39 monthly.

  • Woodpecker


Woodpecker is probably the best cold emailing software that you could buy. Instead of sending emails, manually load it all into a CSV file and let Woodpecker do the heavy lifting.

The outreach tool has plenty of cool features.

It can integrate into Gmail or any other IMAP service with a few clicks. Send as many emails as you want with no limitations using its unlimited contact list.

Uses an email sending algorithm that sends out emails at irregular intervals to confuse anti-spam software.

Can automatically detect and remove duplicates from CSV.

Allow you to track open rates and reply rates from a well set up dashboard.

For all this, you pay a very affordable $40 monthly.

  • Group High


It is not enough to hire an influencer. You need to have clear knowledge about the audience. Group High is a top-rated influencer marketing platform. Its basic aim is to identify influencers in every domain and provide research data.

What features does Group High have to offer?

Database of millions of blogs with details of social following and content.

A specialized blog search engine that identifies reader demographics and the importance of each blog.

Useful for affiliate marketing and tracking earned posts.

Engage with influencers after comparing them using 50 different metrics.

Group High is priced quite steeply at $8000 annually. 

  • Pitchbox


Pitchbox is an advanced influencer outreach tool that is suitable for finding bloggers in a specified domain. Using intuitive keyword search lets you find influencers in a matter of minutes.

What does Pitchbox bring to your blogging?

Save time using completely automated outreach emails. The software automatically sends follow-up emails to those who have not responded.

Help you make an informed strategy based on detailed metrics at every level.

Has industry-leading email integration and exceptional contact discovery.

Reach out to have mentions changed to URL and fix dead links.

The basic plan starts at $195 monthly.

  • Awario


Awario is known as the best social listening tool a blogger and small business can use. You cannot monitor social media on your own with so many different people talking all the time.

Awario has crawlers that search 13 billion pages of social media posts for keywords and bring them to your attention.

Benefits that Awario can provide your blog are numerous. We highlight the principal ones. 

Scan social media 24×7 to find posts and comments relevant to your blog.

Find meaningful insights by sifting out the noise.

Engage with users through a CRM module that lets you respond quickly to negative comments.

Priced at $89 per month it is quite affordable. 

  • Crystal Knows


Crystal Knows is an innovative AI application that can be used for the personality mapping of readers. It is used by top-rated production houses such as CNN and HuffPo.

It can tweak your emails to match them perfectly to user personae.

Crystal Knows provides an insight into the mind of your reader.

Understand personality traits so you can tailor the content perfect for the reader.

Easily view profiles from LinkedIn, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Use Crystal Knows for creating brilliant surveys.

The paid version starts at $19 monthly.

To sum it up…

Outreach tools are essential if you want to grow your audience. Most of these outreach tools have somewhat overlapping functions.

The differentiator is the UI and pricing. All of the tools mentioned here offer a free demo. Try out several and select the one that is most appropriate for your business.