World Cup 2022: Can we beat our predictors in the quarterfinals?

Al Jazeera’s AI robot predicted the outcome in seven of eight knockout matches. This is what it has to say about the quarterfinals.

The World Cup in Qatar has reached the eighth finals. It’s now time for the quarterfinals.

One of the biggest shocks of this year’s World Cup was the games that former champions – Brazil, Spain and Argentina – failed to win.

The tournament saw teams compete for North America, Asia, and Africa in the round 16 along with South America and Europe.

Behind the spectacle of football, however, there is a battle taking place in the offices at Al Jazeera.

The question is: Who can predict a football match better: Kashef (our beloved artificial intelligence robot) or humans?

Kashef is to the 2022 World Cup what Paul de Octopus was for the 2010 edition.

Our robot has analysed over 200 stats (including number of wins, goals, and FIFA rankings) from matches played over a century to predict match winners.

But how accurate was Kashef?

Kashef’s performance to date

Kashef did not enjoy the group stage. He was cautious and did not anticipate any of the major setbacks.

After 56 matches were played this year. World Cup, Kashef has an accuracy rate of 68 per cent. Kashef processes data every day to improve his ability to predict and track which team will make it to the next round.


Interactive Kashef Sixty-Eight

Can you guess which player will make it to the quarterfinals?

Below is Kashef’s view. World Cup unfolds as the eight remaining teams advance to the quarter-finals.

Kashef anticipates a strong round for Argentina Brazil France Portugal.

Interactive-Kashef-Prediction-December 6-Portugal

It is not easy to predict match results. The game’s outcome can be affected by factors outside of the team, such as player fitness or team morale.

You can outsmart Kashef by playing our AI game.

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