Woman, 23, hanged herself while her parents were on vacation


A young woman hanged herself while her parents were on vacation after being fired from her job and putting her dog to sleep, an inquest heard today.

Ruby Leaity, 23, decided to stay home at the last minute, as her family planned a mini-vacation to the countryside during Covid’s initial incarceration.

Her mother, Mary, spoke to Ruby every day during the trip, but on her return to the family home in Southampton in June 2019, Ms. Leaity tragically discovered that her daughter had been hanged.

The coroner was told that the ‘beautiful’ young girl, who had struggled with depression and anxiety for a decade, had endured a particularly difficult time in lockdown while trying to come to terms with the loss of the family dog ​​and a job she held just weeks before her death.

Ruby Leaity, 23, decided to stay home at the last minute because her family planned a mini vacation to the countryside during Covid’s first incarceration

Police officer Hannah Kemish explained that she found a note in Ruby’s bedroom that said, “This was none other than mine, please wear red.”

The devastated mother told the coroner: ‘On June 18, 2019, my husband and I went on vacation. The original plan was for Ruby to come with us, but she decided at the last minute that she didn’t want to.

‘We had never left her alone. It only lasted five days, but she got even more anxious when we left.

‘I was really worried, I remember thinking she was grown up and we can’t stay with her forever, we can’t watch her forever. She is at home and safe.

‘We spoke to her every day while we were out, I last spoke to her at 5:30 pm the night before I found her, she asked when we were coming home and she sounded okay. In hindsight, I should have read more into what she said, but I didn’t. ‘

Hampshire coroner Jason Pegg learned from the mother how Ruby struggled with depression and anxiety over the past 10 years and tried to kill her life several times before her death on July 23, 2019.

She was fired from her job, she was fired for missing two meetings because of mental health appointments. She loved the work she did, ”she told the coroner.

She struggled very much with the incarceration and loss of a family dog ​​that was put down on July 7. She had loved the dog, it had been very much a companion to her during her most difficult times. ‘

Pathologist Dr. Victoria Elliot confirmed to the coroner that her cause of death had been hanged as a result of depression.

While sitting at the Portsmouth Coroner court, Mr. Pegg concluded a suicide sentence.

He said: ‘Ruby was only 23 when she died, she was an exceptional young lady, funny, smart, beautiful and someone who thought of others.

The coroner was told that the

The coroner was told that the “beautiful” young girl had really struggled with incarceration while trying to come to terms with the loss of the family dog ​​and a job she loved just weeks before her death.

She was someone who suffered from mental health problems 10 years before her death. On July 18 last year, her mother Mary Liaty went on vacation. At the last minute, Ruby decided she wouldn’t go with them.

This was the first time Ruby had been left alone. Her mother was concerned that she had made plans and was in a positive mood. ‘

The coroner cited the “ consequences of lockdown affecting many in this country ” and added, “ Ruby was someone with strong mood swings, it seems to me that on July 23, 2019, she had one of those mood swings. ”

After her tragic death, family friend Matt Cutting raised more than £ 11,000 for the charity Mind in honor of Ruby.

In an online tribute, he said: “Ruby was the nicest, most caring, and beautiful person to walk this earth. She put everyone else’s feelings before her own and because of the above, she was loved by so many.

She was always the first to be there for everyone she knew, through thick and thin, regardless of the situation. She was not only a wonderful person, but also a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She touched so many lives.

‘I am personally so grateful to have had the opportunity to have you so many wonderful years in my life and create so many wonderful memories. I also want to thank you for being our beautiful Mia’s perfect aunt, she loves you so much Ru.

She will miss you, but at the same time she will have nothing but fond memories to remind you of. Just like so many others. Shine bright and sleep well beautiful angel. We all love you so much.

She could no longer deal with the demons of life. She fought so hard to get better for so long and it went so well. Even with all the support around her, Ruby unfortunately found it all too much. ‘

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