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Will Kenan and Kel take orders from Harry Styles and Obama in ‘Good Burger 2’?


Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell will once again accept fast food orders at “Good Burger 2.”

But which celebrities will order?

Thompson and Mitchell announced the highly anticipated sequel, which begins filming this summer, in “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonon Friday. The next day, Thompson crashed an “All That” panel in 90s rip off in Hartford, Conn., and teased some potential cameos.

The longtime “Saturday Night Live” cast member first gushed that he would make “cameo calls” to former “All That” co-stars Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg, who sat next to Mitchell during the panel. Denberg also appeared in the original 1997 film “Good Burger.” Thompson said she, too, had her sights set on even bigger stars.

“I keep saying Harry Styles. I feel like it would be really big, you know what I mean? One Direction!” Thompson said, according to Peoplebefore adding that “Barack Obama would be great.”

Thompson further promised that comedian Sinbad would reprise his role as the short-tempered school teacher, Mr. Trigo.

“Sinbad is definitely coming back. Even if we have to go to him, we’ll make sure Sinbad is safe,” Thompson said during the panel, referring to the comedian’s health. Sinbad was hospitalized in a coma in 2020 after a blood clot caused him to have a stroke. Since then he has regained consciousness and has been recovering and learning to walk again.

Rumors about a “Good Burger” sequel have been circulating for years.

Keeping the idea alive among their fan base, mostly 1990s kids, Thompson and Mitchell reunited during a 2015 “Fallon” episode and parodied their iconic characters of Ed and Dexter Reed. Then in 2019, Mitchell reprized the role of her in the Paramount+ reboot “All That.”

In recent months, as the duo began to appear on screen together more frequently, talk of a sequel began.

Arrive first the emmys 2022 at which point Thompson, who was hosting the show, approached a sleeping man at the bar and asked him what he wanted to drink. The man raised his head, revealing it to be Mitchell, and asked, “You know what, can I have a nice burger?” The crowd erupted in applause as the couple embraced.

As the pair pretended to do martial arts on camera, Thompson exclaimed, “The sequel is coming your way!”

A month after the Emmys, Thompson told ET that it was getting “very close” to the sequel. “It’s going to happen, and I think it will happen soon,” she said.

On a December episode of “SNL,” Thompson and Keke Palmer performed another “Good Burger” parody with Mitchell making a surprise appearance.

When Fallon asked the couple on Friday what prompted production on the sequel, wondering if it had been influenced by 2015’s “Tonight Show” skit or the recent “SNL” skit, Thompson deflected, giving few details: ” Years have passed, from the first one, we wanted to do two”.

Thompson said he hoped to get “as many cameos as we can, anybody who wants to make it something famous”, before asking an eager Fallon if he would join. Fallon agreed.

Thompson and Mitchell first met as teenagers during auditions for Nickelodeon’s “All That,” which premiered in 1994. “Good Burger” was a spin-off of two characters from one of the show’s recurring skits, Ed (Mitchell ) and Dexter Reed (Thompson). ). “All That” also led to “Kenan and Kel,” another spin-off starring Thompson and Mitchell that starred Nick for four seasons.

The sequel to “Good Burger” will begin with a reunion between the two characters. When Dexter’s career as an inventor fails, he returns to the Good Burger restaurant, where Ed welcomes him, according to a Paramount press release. As Dexter makes a plan to recover from his failures, he inadvertently threatens the fate of the restaurant.

The film does not have a release date, but it will stream on Paramount+.

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