Why you can’t lose weight in a specific area ?


Whether you’re wanting to lose weight for aesthetic or health reasons, it’s possible you have certain areas of your body that you’re less happy with and want to target specifically. The most common areas that people want to target fat loss for are the waist, thighs, butt and arms. 

The theory of spot reduction has been promoted in the health and fitness world for quite some time, however there are not many studies around it and not much evidence to support it. Chances are if you hold a lot of your weight in a specific area, say your stomach, then as you lose weight this will be one of the first areas you notice reducing. 

The only effective way to lose weight is to eat in a calorie deficit which means you will be burning more calories than you consume. Obviously the healthiest way to be in a calorie deficit is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, to bulk it out and make you feel like you’re eating lots, this is called volume eating. However there are many other ways advertised with diet aids like slim fast and different meal replacements. 

Gender, age, genetics and lifestyle all play a role in weight loss, for example women tend to have a higher body fat percentage than men and tend to store weight in different areas of the body. If you’ve been on your weight loss journey for a while and you’re getting close to your goal, you may find you have a lot of excess skin. Having a procedure like a tummy tuck can help get rid of that final bit of fat and skin that will help you to achieve your goals.  

Its vital when you’re going through your weight loss journey that you have realistic goals and expectations, you can’t go into it expecting to lose 3 stone a week because then you’ll feel demotivated and want to give up. 

If you set yourself goals and give yourself rewards when you get to certain points then it can help you along your way. Make sure the rewards aren’t food based however, make them things that will help you on your journey, like a new apple watch or new work out clothes. Or if you’re thinking about joining a new fitness class but are nervous, set yourself a goal to join it once you’ve lost 5 inches.