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Why wasn’t Philip Schofield on This Morning this week?


Phillip Scofield missed This Morning for the fourth day in a row, as comedian Joel Dummett stepped in to take his place.

The presenter, 60, usually hosts the show Monday-Thursday with longtime co-host Holly Willoughby, but this week took an unexpected break from the show.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, Phillip was replaced by regular Friday presenter Holly Willoughby, and on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Joel stepped in.

It is understood that Philip will return to his presentation duties this morning on Monday 3rd April.

So why did Phillip take a break from this morning? Here’s everything you need to know…

Why wasn’t Philip Schofield up this morning? The presenter was absent from the ITV series for the fourth consecutive day

Why wasn’t Philip Schofield up this morning?

This morning has not confirmed the reason for Phillip’s sudden absence, though it comes after his brother Timothy Schofield, 54, went on trial this week for sexually assaulting a schoolboy,

His trial heard that when he told his televsion brother that he and the boy had performed a sexual act together, Philip replied: “What did you say?” After the defendant described the “time” he and his alleged victim had spent together, the celebrity replied: “What the hell is that?”

The TV presenter told his brother it “shouldn’t happen again” and later gave a police statement that forms part of the case against his younger brother, the court said.

Timothy Scofield faces 11 counts of sexual offenses against the boy over a three-year period from October 2016. He denies all of them.

He is accused of causing him to witness and engage in sexual acts. He also allegedly performed sexual acts in front of the accused.

Opening the case, District Attorney Robin Shellard said, “This is a case of Timothy Scofield’s obsessive sexual interest in (his alleged victim) and the subsequent sexual abuse of that teenage boy.”

The jury heard how the abuse progressed until the alleged victim confronted Scofield in August 2021 and said that ‘things’ needed to stop.

NEW FACE: Comedian Joel Dummett has stepped in to replace the presenter on Wednesdays and Thursdays this week

NEW FACE: Comedian Joel Dummett has stepped in to replace the presenter on Wednesdays and Thursdays this week

Dynamic Duo: On Mondays and Tuesdays, Alison Hammond steps in to present the program with Holly Willoughby

Dynamic Duo: On Mondays and Tuesdays, Alison Hammond steps in to present the program with Holly Willoughby

The court heard that the defendant, who was working for the police in a civilian position at the time, visited his older brother the following month.

Shellard said the “deviant relationship” was clearly “affecting” the defendant as well as his alleged victim.

He said: ‘On September 12th 2021 he called his brother Philip saying his head was a mess and he could come and see him.

The defendant is seven years younger than Philip and they were not particularly close in development, but in December 2019 the defendant told his brother that he was gay.

According to Philip, the defendant traveled that day and was very agitated. His brother described him as very angry and sad.

The defendant also told his brother that he was incapacitated. The defendant then said his brother would hate him for what he was about to say, but Philip said he would not. Then the defendant said… that last year he (he and the boy) watched and recited porn together.

Philip Scofield then said, “What did you just say?” The defendant repeated that last year and only once. Philip said it should not happen again.

Scofield then went on to describe the boy’s body in a sexual manner and said he had given him a name “for the time” they spent together, the court heard. The TV announcer replied: What the hell is that? And she was “shocked,” the court was told.

Shellard said the defendant “went home” and “the matter was never spoken of again.” The alleged victim began counseling and told a therapist about the allegations of abuse in November 2021. They reported it to the police and Scofield was arrested days later.

Judge Johanna Katz revealed to the jury that the defendant’s brother was a celebrity and asked them to ignore any possible anomalies stemming from his fame.

She said: ‘His brother is Philip Scofield, who is the well-known TV personality. I say “happens to be” because that fact has absolutely no relevance in this case.

She added, “Being the brother of the accused changes nothing in this trial, the accused will be tried in the same fair manner as any other defendant.”

In a police interview with the court, the alleged victim described the first time he had been abused. “It was really horrific,” he said. He said Scofield bought a projector for them to watch adult films together. The court heard that some of the films included “violent” actions and animals.

He said he realized the defendant “had all this fantasy to be sexually active with me” and accused him of developing the “scheme” over several years.

The accused was afraid to go to the police because of the “terrible mood” of the “evil and vile” accused and was “very afraid of the repercussions”.

Schofield, of Bath, Somerset, was arrested by police on 3 December 2021, and his home was raided.

They confiscated his electronic devices as his browsing history showed searches for “young teen box set” and “gay teen porn torrents”, he also had “a number of images” of “teen boys in sexual positions” among 30 inappropriate images for children, The court was told.

Timothy allegedly “emotionally blackmailed” the boy into performing sexual acts while porn was playing on the wall and became “moody, irascible, and somewhat unpredictable” after being confronted by the victim.

The teen claimed Timothy made him feel like he couldn’t “run away” from the abuse and that he was “forced” to live a “secret sex life” that felt “really, really wrong”.

The boy denied insinuations from the defendant’s attorney that he was “exaggerating” the allegations and that the sexual activity was only for 18 months when he was an older teenager.

The pupil agreed that Scofield became “moody, irascible, and somewhat unpredictable” after confronting him about the sexual acts.

Anger: Prosecutors alleged that Philip Scofield (left) was furious after Timothy (right) made his confession in September 2021.

Drama: It follows his brother Timothy Scofield, 54, who went on trial this week for sexually assaulting a pupil at school after he famously confessed to his brother.

He also claimed that the defendant once drank it to make him “more flexible” in the face of sexual advances.

He said it was “part of a plan” to get him drunk so that “some kind of sexual thing” would happen.

Peter Bender, an advocate, told the alleged victim that this was an “exaggeration”.

He also said he was “exaggerating” the number of years there had been sexual activity between them, suggesting it was only “18 months” when he was an older teen.

“I knew what you and the defendant were doing was wrong, but you went along with it without any hesitation,” Bender said.

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