Why Cold Pressed Juices Are Better For ou

Cold pressed juices to have an insane amount of hype around them with the endless nutritional benefits that offer. Health-conscious people, fitness freaks and even beginners have jumped on the train of cold pressed juices to develop a healthier body and a healthier lifestyle. 

Every day you see another Instagram post with cold pressed lemonade in the front and some fitness-related caption with it. Cold pressed juices have taken over the world of healthy living. From juice cleanses to fun afternoon drinks, juice cleanses have been everyone’s go-to option. 

But, how do cold pressed juices work? Well, we’ll be discussing how they’re made and what exactly the benefits these juices have to offer are. 

The process of making cold pressed juices

Cold pressed juices are made with the help of a hydraulic press. This machinery allows you to get the maximum content out of the fruits and vegetables. No nutrients are lost as a result of zero heat and filtration. So with cold pressed juices, you get the maximum amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. 

This is very different from the juices you can extract at home. The blenders and machines we use at home can often get heated up and not correctly extract the content out from your fruits and vegetables. While this pulpy and healthy, the heat breaks down the essential nutrients which is not the case with cold pressed juices. 

So, how is cold pressed juices healthier for me?

Everyone knows that getting your fruits and veggie intake is essential for your body to get all the necessary vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. While the recommended serving for fruits is said to be 5 to 9 servings per day, cold pressed juices to make that process easier by putting massive amounts of nutrients in just one bottle. 

The cold pressed juice process essentially removes the fiber from the juice, which has led many to believe that it is not as healthy. However, studies have shown that with the absence of fiber, your body can absorb the nutrients more readily than before. 

The benefits of cold pressed juices

So, how are cold pressed juices beneficial to my body? Well, the benefits they offer are numerous. Some instant benefits you get from cold pressed juices are:

  • You can detoxify your body through cold pressed juices.Cold pressed juices help immensely in getting rid of the toxins in your body. Most people opt for juice cleanses to relieve their organs of the stress and provide better health for your body. • You can feel much more energetic with the consumption of juices. • Skin glows and shines more. Acne scars can also fade as a result.• Many have experienced less bloating after using these juices and often use them to assist in their weight loss journey. • These juices help in cleansing your body. They allow your digestive system to have a break and reboot itself to be healthier. • You will feel much less stressed and have a relaxed mindset about daily routines. • The release of toxins will help the body to energize itself and maintain a healthier immunity system. • You will be less prone to deficiencies without having to add supplementary vitamins and minerals to your diet. 


The benefits of cold pressed juices are endless. You can efficiently detoxify your body while maintaining a balanced diet through these juices. They not only help in getting your daily intake of vitamins and minerals but also help tremendously in weight loss, clear skin, feeling energized, and so much more. These juices are an easy and enjoyable way to start off a healthy lifestyle.