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When will the emergency alert sound on every smartphone in the UK TOMORROW?


An emergency alert will sound on most smartphones in the UK tomorrow.

The message will be received on 4G and 5G mobiles and will highlight that the alarm is a ‘test’ of a new UK government service used in emergency situations.

It appears alongside sound and vibration for up to 10 seconds, even when devices are on silent.

But what time can you expect and hear the warning tomorrow?

MailOnline reveals everything you need to know about the emergency alert, including what time it will sound – and how to turn it off.

In the UK’s test of the official emergency alarm system, smartphones and tablets will sound a siren-like sound and vibrate for ten seconds at 3pm on Sunday.

What is the emergency alarm test?

Ten-second alerts will blare from phones across the country on April 23, regardless of whether you’ve turned the volume up or down.

The trial forms the basis for telephone disaster warnings, focusing on life-threatening weather, floods and fires in the UK.

The government believes this will be an ‘essential tool’ to help improve emergency response.

What time is the emergency call?

The test alarm occurs on Sunday at 3:00 PM BST.

Pictured: A step-by-step guide on how to disable the alert on iPhone and Android devices

Pictured: A step-by-step guide on how to disable the alert on iPhone and Android devices

What will it say?

The message will say: ‘This is a test of Emergency Alerts, a new UK government service that will alert you if there is a life-threatening emergency nearby.

“In a real emergency, follow the instructions in the alarm to keep yourself and others safe.

Visit gov.uk/alerts for more information.

‘This is a test. You don’t need to take any action.’

How do I turn off the alarm on my iPhone?

All iPhone users who want to disable the alarm must go to the Settings menu and press Notifications.

Once selected, users must scroll to the bottom of the page to view the Emergency Alerts menu.

If their phone is running iOS 14.5 or later, users can choose to disable it both Severe Alerts and Emergency Alerts.

How do I turn off the alarm on my Android device?

Android users search for “emergency alerts” in the Settings menu to disable the alert.

Here too, both Emergency and Severe alerts can be disabled, but then the device must run on Android 11 or more recent software.

How do I turn off the alarm on my Huawei device?

Owners of Huawei devices with EMUI 11 software should disable ‘Extreme threats’, ‘Serious threats’ and ‘Show amber alerts’ in the Settings tab.

Labor has been campaigning for such a warning system for more than a decade, and ministers have pledged to introduce one since 2013.

What should you do if the alarm goes off?

The government has advised people to continue using their phones normally after dismissing the warning, stressing that this is a test.

Their advice is: ‘The test does not require the public to take any action – the sound and vibration will automatically stop after ten seconds.

“All people have to do is swipe away the message or click ‘OK’ on their phone’s home screen – just like a ‘low battery’ warning or notification – and continue using their phone.”

Are there any concerns about the test?

The trial in the UK has raised concerns among victims of domestic violence, with suggestions that a siren could enable abusers to find hidden phones.

Nicky Brennan, Commissioner for Victims of the West Midlands, said: ‘I know firsthand many victims of domestic violence who have a hidden phone as a lifeline, which allows them to keep in touch with friends and family or be used in an emergency .

While the emergency alarm system is understandable, it is also vital that we raise awareness that it can be turned off for those who need it.

“I urge anyone with a hidden phone to disable these alerts for their own safety.”

Should I look at the phone while driving?

Others have said that the Sudden siren sound can cause road accidents if drivers are panicked by what they hear.

The government advises motorists not to read or respond to the warning while traveling in a car or motorcycle.

It said, “If you’re driving, keep driving and don’t respond to the sound or try to pick up the cell phone and deal with the message.”

“Find a safe and legal place to stop before reading the message. If there is nowhere near a safe or legal place to pull over and no one else is in the vehicle to read the alarm, tune in to live radio and wait for bulletins until you find a safe and legal place to stop. fuses.’

The alert will not sound on your phone if it is turned off or in airplane mode.

In addition, if you are connected to 2G, 3G or only Wi-Fi, your phone alarm will not go off.

Vibration and sound alerts are issued to the hearing and visually impaired, respectively.

Emergency alerts

The government can send alerts about the following:

  • Severe flooding
  • To burn
  • Extreme weather
  • Public health emergencies

In an alert (which lasts about 10 seconds), your phone can:

  • Make a loud siren-like sound, even on silent
  • Vibrate
  • Read the warning

Threat alerts are only sent by:

  • Government departments and agencies
  • Government agencies dealing with calamities

Source: www.gov.uk


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