What features are most important to homebuyers?

Walk-in closets are among the most desirable features for first-time and repeat home buyers, and Canadian homebuyers, on the other hand, ranked them as the most important. In a recent survey by Braun Research, 97% of realtors reported that walk-in closets are among the top three most desirable features. The following list is designed to help buyers decide what features are most important to them before buying a home.

Open floor plans

Open floor plans allow homeowners to focus on the essential aspects of their lives without compromising on the space. You can create separate spaces for family game nights or cozy reading nooks. When placing furniture in an open floor plan, start by creating a wishlist. This way, you can save yourself the trouble of moving heavy furniture around later. Moreover, an open floor plan is safer for children. Parents can also work in the living room and still watch the kids play outside.

Well-designed home with a layout conducive to multi-purpose uses is essential for first-time buyers. Their priorities are more living space, a modern kitchen and bathroom, and an open floor plan. According to a National Association of Home Builders study, 59 percent of first-time buyers prioritize less constrained homes with functionality. For this reason, sellers should consider Tilbury properties for sale by Jump Realty and check the knocking down walls in their homes to make their homes more appealing to buyers.

Laundry room

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), nearly all prospective home buyers want a laundry room. In fact, in their survey, they said it was the second most desirable feature after exterior light fixtures. But that doesn’t mean they’ll settle for any old room, and the space needs to be functional and attractive for a potential buyer to fall in love with it.

Having a convenient laundry room increases the resale value of your home, but the location of it matters as well. For example, the laundry chute can be installed on the main level if the laundry is upstairs. Additionally, buyers with families are more likely to buy a home with a large laundry room than one with a small space.

Walk-in closet

A walk-in closet, storage space, and a master bedroom with an attached bath were among the features home buyers most valued. In addition to storage space, buyers sought custom finishes, reclaimed wood, and other popular design trends. While walk-in closets are a favourite of many buyers, buyers desire many other home features.

The largest draw of a home is its closet space for many people. Closets can make or break a house. Purchasing a home with an ample closet is crucial for any buyer, whether you want to store clothes and accessories or enjoy a walk-in space. 


Buyers of all ages and demographics want garages with enough storage space. Garages are much easier to use than basements and attics, and they can also double as a mudroom or office. Adding shelving and built-in cabinets can make your garage a more pleasant space.

Garages are essential for protecting cars and beach gear from the sun and vandals. A house without a garage can decrease its appraised value by 20 percent. So, while garages are not a deal-breaker for many homebuyers, they should be considered.


One of the essential home features, patios are highly desirable to most buyers. Depending on the size and materials used, they can add anywhere from eight to 10 percent of the home’s value. When done correctly, a patio will earn more than 80% return on investment. 

Many people prefer to add patios to their homes, especially in sunny regions. A patio allows for outdoor dining and entertaining without the added expense of a home addition. In addition, a patio can recover thirty to sixty percent of the cost of adding the space. 

Ensuite master bathrooms

Most buyers look for ensuite master bathrooms in their dream home, but they may be wary of costs. Most houses feature one bathroom on the second floor, but they do not include a master suite. While this might be okay if you only use the bathroom occasionally, buyers also want to see that there are two sinks and a separate walk-in shower. An extra-large bathtub, built-in or freestanding, will also help to sell the home.

Most buyers would want to purchase a home with a modern, eco-friendly bathroom, ideally, one that is water-conserving. 

Hardwood floors

A new survey revealed that hardwood floors on the main level of a home rank among the home’s top features, ahead of more than 200 other elements. While four in five buyers find hardwood floors on the main level desirable, they also feel essential. 

Carpeting is always an option, but the hardwood floors are the most appealing and can make or break the sale. A hardwood floor home won’t help sell unless the carpeting is in good shape.

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