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What does rail insurance cover?

When your entire business relies on your transport vehicles being in top working condition, it’s essential to have the right insurance in place to cover you in the instance of breakdown, damage, or loss of your fleet.
In this article, we look into the benefits of rail insurance and explore what it covers.

What is railway insurance? 

As means of public transportation, any rail company is open to a whole host of risks to the smooth running of their business. From delayed journeys to public injuries, breakdowns, and more. Even with a reduction in passenger fatalities over the years, serious accidents and near misses still happen in high numbers. 

To cover your business against unforeseen circumstances that are beyond control, your business needs a comprehensive railway insurance package. This should cover the protection of vehicles, assets, revenue, and different liabilities that your business may encounter along the way.  


Liability cover effectively protects you against third-party damage or injury claims which you or your business could be blamed for. This includes an extensive range of potential liabilities.

Here are just a few to be aware of:

Employers’ liability insurance – this protects your business against workplace injury of an employee.

Professional indemnity insurance – this safeguards your business against any claims made for damage or loss due to negligence.

Cyber liability insurance – this covers your business against the costs incurred following a cyber attack or breach. This may be especially important for protecting passengers’ data when buying tickets online. 

Public liability insurance – this protects your business if any claims arise from members of the public alleging injury or damage to their person or property due to your services.


If you’re in the travel and transportation sector, your entire business revolves around your vehicles. As the pinnacle of your overall service, protecting your fleet of trains is one of the main reasons to ensure you have the appropriate insurance in place. 

Railway insurance can protect your fleet against fire, breakdown, collisions, and accidental or malicious damage by a third party. Be sure to do the relevant research to find the right nuances of cover that your business requires.


Of course, it’s not just your vehicles you need to keep safe. Taking out insurance on the machinery used to maintain your fleet is just as important as insuring your company’s trains. 

Similarly, the buildings your fleet is sheltered in when they aren’t in use will also need to be properly insured so that you’re covered against things such as vandalism or even theft. 


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