What Do Pharmaceutical Distributors in the UK Do?

When looking into the distribution of any product, there is a vast amount of pressure to fulfil orders based on supply and demand. This of course leads to many challenges such as fulfilment and delivery slots. But what about the distribution of medical supplies? In this article, we will be supplying you with insight into Pharmaceutical Distributors in the UK and how their role is crucial to the success of the NHS. 

What Do Pharmaceutical Distributors Do? 

The role of a Pharmaceutical Distributors is to purchase prescription medication and equipment as well as PPE from manufactures for the NHS, warehouses and other distribution centres around the UK. This is then ordered from them and delivered to those that need it. Whether this is NHS services in need of medication a local pharmacy or even wholesalers, they ensure that everything is distributed to where it needs to be. It is important to note, however, that they themselves are not involved in the production or promotion of medication of any kind.

 How Do They Help The NHS? 

Many of the pharmaceutical distributors UK services have been helping the NIHS for several years now as they allow them access to PPE, medication and other equipment that they need to operate. With the right pharmaceutical distributors on hand, the process is sped up, this not only allows for supply and demand to be met but it ensures that patients that require prescription information can get hold of the medication that they need from either their GP or their local pharmacy. 

Delivery To Wholesalers 

In addition to providing a service to the NHS, several benefits come from pharmaceutical distribution to wholesalers. With common medication such as pain killers, cough syrup and hay fever medication, there needs to be an efficient solution to ensure that supply and demand are met. As a result, manufactures rely on these distribution services to ensure that they are meeting the seasonal demand for these products whilst ensuring that the market dies not become oversaturated. This is a difficult process that can take time to perfect; however, a distributor has the logistical means to ensure that it is a success. 

Distribution OF PPE 

During this trying time, the distribution of PPE has been negotiated several times both amongst medical professionals and amongst those in parliament. With the distribution of PPE being far from adequate at the beginning of the pandemic, the need for effective Pharmaceutical Distribution methods has been needed. This lead not only the ramp-up in manufacturing, but also the number of companies aiding in the distribution process. This has since improved with PPE being manufactured regular to keep up with the demand, enabling the NHS to run as smo0othly as possible throughout the pandemic.

With this in mind, there are several roles for those working on distribution in the UK, all of which can have a profound effect on their ability to get hold of medication as and when they need it.