What Can You Expect From In Vitro Fertilisation?

In Vitro Fertilisation, is a type of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. It is a procedure that is used for the treatment of infertility in both the male and female. In this process, the medical professional removes the sperms and eggs from the couple using a surgical procedure.

After that, the eggs and sperm are fertilized artificially in a laboratory. The resultant embryo is then transplanted in the body of the woman. However, the success rate and the procedure of the treatment is personalized for every situation. If we talk about Average Cost of IVF Treatment in India, it is approximately USD 5,000.

Are the Results of the IVF Process a Success?

Yes, over 90% results of the IVF treatment are a success. However, the success of the procedure does not only depend on the surgeon but also the patient. The patient has to keep patience and follow the instructions of the doctor.

The IVF is not a one-time surgical procedure, but it is a multi-step treatment process. The original or natural function of the ovaries is suppressed using hormonal contraception, several weeks before the treatment.

Apart from that, the patient has to take various injections and drugs to stimulate the production of oocytes as per the requirement of the procedure.

The patient has to visit the clinic quite often so that the doctor keeps a check on the progress of the condition.

Once the necessary quality and quantity of eggs are achieved, the doctor proceeds with the original procedure of the treatment.

The two primary steps to perform the IVF are:

  • Egg Retrieval
  • Embryo Transfer

The patient is sedated, during the egg retrieval process, and then the eggs are surgically removed from their origin, which is ovaries.

Now, the eggs are fertilized in the laboratory. If the sperm of your partner is healthy, then those sperms are retrieved and used to accomplish the fertilization process, or else the doctor recommends to seek help from a donor.

The fertilized eggs are allowed to rest in the laboratory for three to five days. It is essential to enable them to divide and multiply.

The resultant embryos are then placed in the uterus. If the womb of the patient is healthy, then in her uterus or else in the uterus of a gestational carrier.

You have to be very careful during the first trimester to complete the pregnancy procedure.

The doctors keep checking the patient if the procedure proceeds in the right direction. The pregnancy of the patient is usually confirmed within a period of five to six weeks.

If we consider the results of Infertility Treatment in India, then you will be surprised to know that the procedure is deemed to be auspicious.

Final Words:

The expectations of all the patients from the in vitro fertilization procedure in India are very high. It is because the doctors are well-versed with the treatment procedure and excel in delivering successful results.

In case you doubt the facilities in a foreign country, you can approach the medical tourism companies in India, they will help you in assistance as well as in making the arrangements for the treatment.