What are the reasons why should visit sicily?

Since Sicily is one of the most fascinating spots with regards to the Mediterranean, which is special to itself, not simply part of Italy. It is a mix of antiquated culture, awesome conventions and charming cordiality. The gentle, bright Mediterranean atmosphere makes the outing to Sicily charming throughout the entire year. Indeed, even in winter, you can invest energy on everything from touring to sunbathing on the brilliant sea shores. It is a place where there are stunning sea shores, rich tropical societies, tropical vegetation, falling domains and old legends. The best way to experience Sicily is to stay in a private villa, not only because it is the securest way to favor social distance, but also to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation with all the desired amenities. You can also get the Sicily villa rentals options and here are also then you can just visit.

Which are the best destinations you must go there and enjoy the tour? Here are the top most favorite beaches places are available:

  • Menfi
  • Selinunte
  • Scopello
  • Syracuse
  • Taormina

There are a lot more motivations to visit Sicily: water sports, rough and sandy sea shores (counting dark sand), tough volcanoes, delightful vista, great food, valuable Earthenware production and companions.

Food variety in Sicily

Pasta alla Norma

Sicilians grow up eating this big dish. The legend also states that a Sicilian chef was so taken with Bellini’s opera “Norma” that he created a mixture of fried eggplant in honor of Catania’s ancestry, which included tomatoes, grated ricotta salata, basil and garlic. 

Pasta con Le Sarde

This classic dish – made from fresh sardines, wild fennel, cedar nuts, raisins and saffron – will allow you to travel back a thousand years to the time when the Moors ruled Sicily. Pasta con le Sarde is on the menu from March to September, when fresh sardines are piled high in fish markets and wild fennel-scented fields.

Sicilian Summer Breakfast: Briosce con Gelato

For hot weather breakfast, eat Sicilian ice cream hamburgers – really! – Inside the hot, battery brewed bun, the fatty grains of gelato are tossed back with the black espresso.

Pasta alle Mandorle

Otherwise known as marzipan or almond paste – it is similar to small oranges, lemons, bananas, tomatoes and every other food you can imagine. Proudly displayed in the Sicily pastry shops, these sweets are guaranteed to not hurt your teeth.


Sicilian’s most famous dessert – fried pastry full of sweet ricotta. You’ve sampled them anywhere, but the original Sicilian version will kill you. 

Fundamental vacation spots

The fundamental vacation spots in Sicily are: the capital Palermo, Cefalù, Piazza Armerina for its Roman estates, Caltagirone for its pottery, perspectives on Mount Etna and its magma, Catania and its fish market, Syracuse, Noto for its bark. Besides, it is recommended to visit Ragusa, Modica, Agrigento and Valley of Temples, the Archaeological Park of Segesta, Trapani, Marsala along its salt way and for its renowned wines. And there’s a lot and significantly more.

It is fact people very usually get bore from the routine so then moving out to enjoy the traveling to get rid of depression. Do not worry we are offering to you the options of traveling anywhere and especially to visit Sicily and to stay in a villa. You can just visit here and settle with the options you want