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Western Australia’s attempt to lure 30,000 British doctors, nurses, policemen and teachers to Down Under


Even more Brits are about to move Down Under! Western Australia launches a brazen attempt to rob more than 30,000 British doctors, nurses, police and teachers in reference to the post-WWII “Ten Pound Poms” scheme

  • Western Australia wants to attract 31,000 British workers
  • It needs doctors, police officers, teachers and mechanics
  • The bold showing was greeted with apprehension in the UK

Western Australia has launched an audacious attempt to “steal” 31,000 British doctors, police officers and teachers to work on Down Under, but it has sparked an angry response.

In a nod to the post-war “Ten Pound Poms” scheme, a delegation of state government and industry officials will visit the UK this month to lure workers away to fill more than 31,000 vacancies.

They are also looking for miners, plumbers, fitters and builders, and will be selling the Australian Dream in five British cities – including the UK’s largest job fair in Bristol – as well as Dublin in Ireland.

They promise hard-working Brits can ‘have it all’ and are proud that Australian energy bills are nearly half the price of UK counterparts, which come to $4,500 this year.

That alone would save the Poms enough to buy 183 pints of beer, 110 roast dinners or 500 jars of Marmite for a taste of home.

Police and Defense Minister Paul Papalia also highlighted Western Australia’s wine regions, coral reefs and culinary scene.

“Our wages are higher and our cost of living is lower,” he promised. Our health system is world class. You will be taken care of.

Many of our ancestors were sent from the UK to Australia as convicts. Now, it would be a crime not to do this step.

Western Australia has launched a daring attempt to “steal” 31,000 British doctors, police officers and teachers to work in the Down Under.

But with the UK’s public sector facing staff shortages, the plan has been met with alarm.

The delegation, which arrived Feb. 25, is a joint initiative with the WA Motor Trade Association that is struggling to fill 148 mechanic positions across the state.

“The big difference is that state government jobs generally go and sell a way of life, but they don’t actually get you a job,” said MTAWA CEO Stephen Moyer.

This mission will show the opportunities of the Western Australian lifestyle and will also provide real jobs with employers desperate for skilled labour.

We have jobs all over the state from Pilbara all the way to the Great Southern and the metro area.

“Our campaign will flow off the back of the ‘Walk The Dream’ tourism campaign with the added benefit of offering a very real way to live the dream here in Western Australia.

Steve Breen MP, chair of the House of Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee, said: “It is clear that any country has the right to import healthcare workers – as we do in the UK from elsewhere – but there is no saying our people should. to go.”

Another member of the committee, Conservative MP Paul Bristow, said Australians’ choice of the word “robbery” was “unfortunate”, adding: “We need to show the benefits of working in the UK to help them survive”.

“We need every officer we have in this time of crisis,” said Steve Hartshorn, National President of the Police Union.

The NHS is battling a shortage of 12,000 hospital doctors and more than 50,000 nurses and midwives.

“If ministers want to keep the health service’s best asset – the workforce – they need to talk about wages now,” said Rachel Harrison, national secretary at the GMB.

The Department of Health said the majority of UK-trained doctors and nurses work in the NHS.

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