Home Politics TikTok’s ultimatum is here. What does it mean?

TikTok’s ultimatum is here. What does it mean?

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 TikTok's ultimatum is here. What does it mean?

Lea Feiger: And I trust, darling.

Vittoria Elliott: But if it happens, what bank will give him money after seeing what he did to Twitter?

Lea Feiger: However, if he tweets about it, in the next week or a half, Tori, you’ll have to take me to lunch.

Vittoria Elliott: I don’t understand why this is my responsibility. I can compromise over coffee.

Lea Feiger: Made. Alright, let’s leave it there. When we come back, we’ll talk about all the political influencers working with presidential campaigns on TikTok.


Lea Feiger: Welcome back to the WIRED Policy Lab. Around the same time the Senate passed the TikTok ban/divestment bill Tuesday night, Team Biden posted a TikTok. Makena, Tori, did you see this?

Vittoria Elliott: Wild.

Makena Kelly: Yes we did it.

Lea Feiger: Describe it to me.

Spokesman: You stood firm with us and we will stand firm with you, sir.

Makena Kelly: It was just a clip from a workers meeting in March, but at the same time, it had these cute little halo emojis, angel emojis.

Lea Feiger: It was very curated. His TikTok team knows what he’s doing.

Makena Kelly: And very oblivious to what was happening on the Senate floor.

Lea Feiger: How is this possible? I mean, Biden just signed this bill. Help me understand the context here.

Vittoria Elliott: I think one of the most important things is that the bill was included in a big foreign aid bill, so a lot of the news headlines revolve around the fact that we’re giving 60 billion to Ukraine. , that the aid will go to Israel and Taiwan. , and those are all big focuses of Biden’s platform. He has been campaigning for months.

Lea Feiger: Absolutely.

Vittoria Elliott: To get this Ukraine aid bill passed, and I think realistically, that’s A, the administration’s focus, and B, what they’d prefer we all focus on, which is, hey, this It is a very ineffective Congress project. In fact, it’s been a really unproductive Congress this term, and this is a big victory for a really important campaign promise.

Makena Kelly: And notably, Biden’s statement last night that came out right after the vote didn’t even mention TikTok at all.

Lea Feiger: That’s due to the fact that he then posted a TikTok, or his campaign posted a TikTok. What were the comments on the TikTok video?

Makena Kelly: Biden’s campaign might have been oblivious to what was happening in the Senate, but his followers on TikTok were not.

Lea Feiger: Amazing.

Makena Kelly: If you go through all the comments, you’ll say, “Keep TikTok, prayer emoji. Keep TikTok, Joey.” It’s literally all of that with something random, “Vote Biden” or “Trump will save America” ​​or stuff like that, but it’s mostly like “#KeepTikTok.”

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