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Watch: “We burn it to eat it.” The freekeh harvest season begins in Idlib, Syria


In northern Syria, at this time of year, some farmers are busy producing freekeh, which is a dish common in most parts of the Arab region.

Idlib governorate in northern Syria, which is under the control of the armed opposition, is witnessing at this time of the year the harvest season of freekeh, which is a dish famous for in the region, but it is spread throughout the Middle East, and it consists of burnt green wheat.

Not only does this delicious dish take a long time to prepare in the kitchen, but the production of freekeh itself requires a complex process consisting of several stages, such as burning, grinding, and collecting.

In addition to the effort and labor costs involved in this process, there are also high gas costs that farmers suffer from.

“Freekeh is a delicious and popular dish,” says farmer Ali Jahjah from the town of Binnish in rural Idlib, “but we are forced to burn it in order to be able to eat it, and therefore the costs of this process are high.”

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