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Watch… Stains on the leader’s clothes could lead to Kim’s bodyguard


It seems that the aide to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will face a very difficult fate these days.

Michael Madden, an expert in the country’s elite forces, reported that the man faces either hard labor or even execution, due to the clothes of the Korean leader, who recently appeared in a ballistic missile launch with white spots of mysterious origin.

Kim is angry with his bodyguard

Maiden fears that the employees will be punished for failing to protect the leader, explaining that Kim’s bodyguard has angered the latter because of those stains.

He also indicated that the concerned officials faced downgrading their job grades, and some of them reached hard labor, but stressed that the death penalty could not be ruled out.

The expert explained that it was probably the paint that caused the spots to appear.

Previous unfair judgments

It is noteworthy that these photos were taken of the dictator last week, when he was inspecting the launch of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which he believes is capable of reaching the United States.

In addition to the missile test, the pictures showed white spots on the leader’s clothes, the source of which was unknown, specifically on his coat near the wrist and waist, and others on his jacket near the buttons.

As for Kim Jong-un, death sentences are not surprising for him, as he is likely to detain people for months due to a minor violation, according to the expert.

In one unconfirmed story, Kim executed a member of his personal staff for sitting at his desk and smoking one of his cigarettes.

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