Walmart Limits How Much Toilet Paper You Can Buy Amid National Shortage

With at least one store in every state, walmart is a go-to destination for household staples. But it can be hard to find every item on your shopping list at Walmart right now because the retailer is confronted with these five shortages. Now the low-cost chain is also limiting how much toilet paper customers can buy amid a national shortage.

Toilet paper remains in demand during the global pandemic, and a new report from the Daily mail reveals that Walmart is restricting the implementation of purchase limits at some Connecticut and New York stores. The move is not surprising – in August, Costco limited the amount of toilet paper members could purchase on each trip. More recently, the department store chain warned members who buy toilet paper online to: delays in processing their orders.

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Shoppers head to social media sites like reddit and Twitter to speak out about the shortages, with many expressing their annoyance nearly two years after the pandemic. One person reported “mostly” bare shelves in the toilet paper aisle at their Walmart neighborhood.

Joining Costco and Walmart on the Growing List of Retailers Putting Purchase Limits on Toilet Paper Is Walmart’s Own Sam’s club. A member shared a photo of empty shelves in the warehouse chain dotted by signs indicating a limit of one item per customer.

In answer, a Reddit user who identifies as a Costco employee described the situation as familiar. “When we get something in, it’s not a huge amount and it sells out very quickly,” they said.

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