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Waleed Aly left stunned by Reuben Kaye joke about Jesus on The Project


Awkward Moment Waleed Aly Is Speechless After Comedian Transvestite Makes A ‘Dirty’ Joke About Jesus Live On The Project

  • Comedian stuns The Project with dirty Jesus joke on live TV
  • Strange comedian Reuben Kaye stunned the judges with the joke

Odd comedian Reuben Kaye has left the panel of The Project stunned after an R-rated joke about Jesus on air.

On Tuesday night, Kaye spoke about the hatred he receives for his faith and dressing in drag, especially from the Christian and Catholic community online before dishing out a brash joke about Jesus.

“I love Jesus, I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more,” Kaye joked.

His sentence left the panel speechless, especially Waleed Aly who looked on in shock.

Social media exploded after the comedian’s prank, with many saying he went too far.

“Talk about the panel feeling uncomfortable after an interview,” one person wrote.

“Basically a dirty joke about Jesus. I’m all for being who you want to be, but that’s going too far,” said another.

‘Awkward. Humor for the comedy bar, not national TV,” a third person tweeted.

Kaye is known for his crude humor that is combined with singing and all-round showmanship.

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