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Twitter, after 16 years, has the Blue Bird platform died, and we are witnessing the birth of a monster that we did not know?


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On March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of the Twitter platform, launched the first tweet. Then it was made available for free public use and was launched in July 2006. On the 16th anniversary of the start of the Blue Bird platform, the four founders did not imagine that they had invented a new means of communication that would change the way the Internet was used. It will spark widespread debate about being a global influence tool and a game in the hands of the richest man in the world, Elon Musk.

The beginning of the “Twitter” platform March 2006

On March 21, 2006, he was released Jack Dorsey first peep Tweet first tweet just setting up twttrJust set up my account “Twitter” This was the first post in the history of the micro-blogging site microblogging “Twitter”. It was made available for free public use in July 2006.

mention that Jack Dorsey 2021 sold this tweet as a non-fungible token NFT in currency digital the encrypted EtherAt the equivalent of $ 2.9 million, at a public auction for charity.

Bose Stone AndEvan WilliamsAndNoah Glass And Jack Dorsey They are the founding group of a company“Twitter” The idea of ​​the platform, at the time, was a small text messaging project for mobile phone services, however Jack Dorsey He was thinking of extending the ability to communicate through 140 characters across the web, on a common platform with mobile phones.

The four founders did not imagine that they had invented a new means of communication that would change the way the Internet was used. It will stir up controversy as a global tool of influence and a toy in the hands of the richest man in the world, an eccentric, temperamental, libertarian ideologue. libertarian… Elon Musk.

With what we are witnessing today of confusion on the “Twitter” platform, with the dismissal of most employees and the closure of various services… the question arises: What does Elon Musk want from the acquisition of “Twitter” for $ 44 billion?

Wants Elon Musk, Narcissist, to stay in the spotlight “Twitter”He also wants influence and public recognition of his genius. He used his own money to buy Social web platformThey form an important part of the culture and politics of our time today. And here he is working to change the economic model of the platform“Twitter”, With the various paid services, bearing in mind that it seems, even today, through his chaotic management of the company, that financial profit is not actually one of his goals.

He took several measures to limit expenditures. He continues to cut costs significantly, shrinking staff to the smallest size for the company in more than a decade, most notably by laying off most of the staff, including staff from the technical infrastructure that helps keep the site up and running, as well as content moderation services and the legal department. and communication department.

The number of employees was 7,500 in October 2022 at the end of January 2023, their number was according to Elon Musk About 2,300 employees, in addition to layoffs of 200 employees in February 2023. And also, perhaps, with expected resignations.

A master’s data server also suddenly shut down Sacramento, and closed offices around the world, in some cases after stopping rent payments. Bringing the bluebird to the edge of the abyss. There are several things that have happened that do not give a positive indication of what this man wants from a platform Twitter”.

What are the intentions of Elon Musk, the transhumanist libertarian?

to understand Elon Musk For democracy – libertarian – it aims to make” TwitterA mediator of libertarian intentions Which color mask Political and ideological, through his liberal ideology libertarian ; It is a prevailing philosophySilicon Valley In the world of the technology industry, it is characterized by what is called market fundamentalism fundamental marketism And also the opposition of the state organization to everything and also to the Internet.

And don’t forget the trend Elon Musk for dogma TranshumanismTranshumanism with his company noralinkThis belief is widespread theSilicon Valleycalling for the enhancement of human mental and physical capacity and stamina and also the abolition of what is considered undesirable such as stupidity, suffering, disease, old age and finally the elimination of death.

16 years after the birth of the platform “Twitter” For micro-blogging, the face and goal of the blue bird, which today hides ambitions and creed, has changed Elon Musk Which reveals an ideology converging on the American alt-right in tweets of support to Donald Trump He claimed that the company he bought was a megaphone for the extreme left.

It also does not get tired Elon Musk From tweeting around the clock and posting crooked pictures, and sometimes using vulgar and inappropriate expressions to bully and ridicule. had become Elon Musk Occupy the timeline in “Twitter” After forcing the engineers to modify the recommendation algorithm to appear explicitly and for all tweets and replies Mr. Musk. The timeline on the platform has also become filled with tweets calling for hate and spreading extremism, racism, and anti-Semitic rhetoric. With the loss of any kind of content moderation.

Tweet as usual Elon Musk Joker: “Everything is fine on the platform.” Twitter” announcing weekly something new is coming, for example he tweeted in the second week of February 2023 that he plans to reveal the source of the platform’s recommendation algorithm Twitter To become open source, starting on Monday, February 27, 2023, Monday passed and we did not see the algorithms of the platform Twitter open source. We are now waiting for the end of March 2023 to see.

Deadlines often pass and any feature said to be coming we will never hear about again. Remember the feature that would let us know if we were shadowbannned? Or improvements to the search function? Or a content oversight board? Or allow creators to charge for the video?

All this has led to advertisers and brands running away from promoting on Twitter”, They seem to have no intention of going back, at least, until it stops Elon Musk For embarrassing tweets, and stir up controversy to attract far-right bullies, trolls. Which led to a decrease in the total number of advertisers on” Twitterby more than 50% year-on-year in January and February, according to data Pathmatic data.

As for the latest achievements Elon Musk In Company Twitter To express his deep hatred for journalists and his hidden hatred, he announced on March 19, 2023, that the Twitter press team mailbox press @ twitter. com It is now automated. When a message is received from journalists, it is immediately replied with a code Emoji … poo.

© Twitter – Elon Musk

I sent an e-mail to confirm that it is unreasonable for journalists to be so contempt and belittled; And the reply came to me:

Respond to the email you sent to the press communications section on the Twitter platform
Respond to the email you sent to the press communications section on the Twitter platform © Nayla Al Salibi

space “Twitter” It was never owned by its founders.Jack Dorsey The example was in not interfering with the platform’s content policy. It was space Twitterproperty of the public or the people governed by democracy. It was a space for those who were under the yoke of dictatorships. Today we see ourselves obsessed with a man who was never elected or representative of the people, but rather a ruthless businessman.

This space has become, contrary to promises Elon Musk, Hell’s space for the rhetoric of extremism, racism and the conspiracy theories it fuels Elon Musk with his intense tweets. It is also hell when democracy relinquishes information and communication spaces that are used as a platform and a megaphone, relinquishes these spaces to private property, where money tycoons with their unaccountable power, like tyrants, own platforms for communication, communication and media, to spread their ideas and their political and liberal ideology away from any accountability .

16 years since the birth of the platform “Twitter”... The platform we knew is dead! Today, it is a metamorphosis of something we are not familiar with, of a new type of platform in the era of communication and social platforms that are falling apart With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence !

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