Tracey Emin bravely shares video of her stoma

After her battle with bladder cancer, Tracey Emin shared an Instagram video of her stoma. 

The artist revealed she received the ‘all clear’ back in September but now has to live with a urostomy bag and the ‘debilitating’ after-effects of the disease which could have killed her.

A stoma is an opening on the abdomen that can be connected to either your digestive or urinary system to allow waste to be diverted out of your body. 

Brave: Tracey Emin, 59, shared an Instagram video with her stoma, saying that her blood would pour out from every part of her during her bladder cancer battle

Congratulations! Tracey Emin Has Revealed She Has Finally Received The 'All Clear' After Her Battle Against Bladder Cancer, With An Instagram Post On Tuesday

Tough times!  Emin was being held captive for bladder cancer. Doctors were worried she would die. Emin has been released from lockdown and is now free to go. 

It is a small, pinkish-colored, circular piece made of flesh and sewn to your skin. It is covered with a pouch that can be either closed or opened at the bottom. 

Tracey wrote that 25 years ago, a neon was made that indicated EVERY PART OF MY BODY WAS BLEEDING. At the time, I was only referring to it metaphorically. But for the last 7 years it’s been real.

‘Blood would just pour out of holes.. My ears, arse.. c**t.. nose.. gums.

It would happen after long flights, if I screamed.. but it does because it happens.

Sharing A Video, She Said: 'It’s Part Of My Everyday Life. Something No One Ever Sees. Well Now You Do… ♥'

Sharing a video, she said: ‘It’s part of my everyday life. This is something no one ever sees. Well now you do… ‘

'Every Part Of My Body Is Bleeding': Tracey Shared This Caption Alongside The Artistic Video Of Her Stoma

Tracey shared the caption, “Every part of me is bleeding” with her artistic video of her stoma 

‘It’s part of my everyday life. It’s something that no one sees. Well now you do… .’

Nadia Sawalha, Loose Women’s star, wrote in the comments that she always told her daughters to “Be more Tracey Emin, be brutally truthful, care less what other people think, and care more about what your words will say.” My family and me think you are nuts!

What is a Stoma? 

A stoma refers to an opening in the abdomen that connects to the urinary system.

It is used to divert waste from the body and allow it to be emptied externally.

Patients who are unable to use their bladder fully after the operation are performed.

A tube attaches a tube that holds a removable pouch, known as an “urostomy” bag.

It collects urine and should be emptied manually.

Tracey was diagnosed with a bladder tumor in June 2020. It was very aggressive and she was at risk of dying if the cancer spreads to her lymph nodes. 

She After surgery, she was fitted with a stomabag and had many of her reproductive organs removed.

Tracey declared she was more than two years sober. She admitted that she missed her removed organs but stated, “There’s so many things to me.

In September, she wrote on Instagram: ‘ALL CLEAR. I am at the hospital, about to have my CT scans done and meet my surgeon.

It doesn’t matter how cool and stoic or not, deep down I feel filled with worry. I feel happy this time. I am afraid to say that I’m content. But I am. My life is so much more wonderful. I feel stronger and clearer. 

“I have been sober for 27 month and every day my life is more interesting. I feel more connected to the people and things around me. 

‘I must be honest. I wish I had my bladder (a good working one that wasn’t riddled with cancer) I don’t give a f*** about my womb or breeding apparatus.

“But, I really miss the vagina, my bladder and those little lymph nodes that kept it tickity boo.

“But today hearing that I am healthy… makes me happy. It makes me feel so good to be alive. I’m more than just a hole.

Tracey stated that she spent 24 hours with her solicitor to rewrite her will before her cancer surgery.

She The email was sent to 70 friends, breaking the news about her cancer and instructing them not to contact her.

Feeling Happy: The Artist, 59, Wrote This Caption When She Was Given The All-Clear Back In September

Feeling happy: The artist, 59, wrote this caption when she was given the all-clear back in September 

Tough Time: Tracey Was Fitted With A Stoma Pouch, An Opening On The Abdomen, To Allow Urine To Be Diverted Out Of The Body And Disposed Of Via A Urostomy Bag

Tough times: Tracey was fitted a Stoma pouch (an opening on her abdomen) to allow urine to flow out of the body. The urine is then disposed via a Urostomy bag.

She As a result, he has a stoma bag and is still struggling with painting. 

Tracey said in April 2021: ‘I’m not painting because I’m using my willpower to stay alive. That’s what i’m doing.

Tracey is most well-known for works like her unmade beds and the tent Everybody I Have Ever Slept with. She stated that she would love to return to painting someday.

She said that she didn’t realise how much she wanted to live until it was too late. This statement came after she learned that all cancers had been successfully treated a year earlier. 


Bladder cancer can be caused by a tumour in the lining of your bladder or in the muscle of the organ.

According to data, there are approximately 10,200 new cases in the UK every year, while the US has 81,400.

It is the 10th most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK. However, it is slightly more common in the US and accounts for around 3 percent of all cases.

Cancer is more common in men, with a survival rate of approximately 50% after 10 years. About half of all cases can be prevented.

The symptoms of the disease include bloody urine, urinating more frequently or more quickly than usual, and pelvic pain.

The killer disease can also manifest as sudden weight loss and swelling of your legs.

The risk of developing bladder cancer can be increased by smoking and work-related exposure to chemicals in paints and plastics.

The treatment options available depend on the stage of cancer. They may include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or surgery.

Source: NHS Choices

But it did not stop Tracey from feeling ‘very happy’, saying last year: ‘I’m doing brilliant, I’m doing so well.

“I’m so happy, and I’m just enjoying every day. There was a strong expectation that Christmas would be a failure.

“And I will make it to Christmas, the next Christmas, and the next.”

“That’s my goal, so I’m feeling happy and good. I wish the world would be better. I wish the rest of the world would follow my lead on this one.

Tracey added, “It might’ve been very very different so it’s so much appreciated. 

“My surgeon and team call me a miracle woman, because I just kind of jumped up and got back into all things.

“Maybe I started too quickly at the beginning… because I was back home for a month. Now I am balancing the world and being more careful.

“I want to live forever.” I want my art to continue, I want more exhibitions, there are many things to do… but I had to admit that I wasn’t going to be doing it. That was something I had to accept.

Tracey compared the operations to having children or gender reassignment surgeries. She Also, she revealed that she had been working on a painting depicting a malignant tumor before the cancer was discovered in her bladder. 

Tracey is one her most famous British artists. Her work My Bed, Tracey’s recording of several days in bed under the influence of depression, is her best-known work. 

The sheets are stained and the bed is not made. There are also condoms and contraceptive pills and underwear stained with menstrual fluid, money, cigarettes ends, and condoms on the floor.

In 1999, the Turner prize was awarded to the work. It received a mixed reception from the media and the public. 

She Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas were among the Young British Artists who emerged during the 1990s. 

Highlights from Tracey Emin’s career 

1995, Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-95: This Piece First Brought Tracey Emin To Wider Fame, Both In The Art World And Among The General Public

1995, Everyone I’ve Ever Slept with 1963-95: This work was the first to bring Tracey Emin to greater fame in both the art and the general public.

1999, My Bed: The Piece Is Emin'S Record Of Several Days Spent In Bed In The Grip Of Depression. The Bed Is Unmade And The Sheets Are Stained. All Around Are Strewn A Variety Of Items Such As Condoms, Contraceptive Pills, Underwear Stained With Menstrual Blood, Money, And Cigarette Ends. The Work Was Nominated For The Turner Prize In 1999 And Received A Hugely Mixed Response From The Public And Press

1999, My Bed: The piece is Emin’s record of several days spent in bed in the grip of depression. The sheets and bed are unmade. There are many items scattered around, including condoms, contraceptives pills, money and underwear stained with menstrual fluid, money, cigarettes ends, and condoms. The Turner Prize nominated the work in 1999. It received a mixed reception from the media and the public.

2001, The Perfect Place To Grow: This Work Pays Homage To The Artist¿S Turkish Cypriot Father Who, She Says, Is A Fantastic Gardener But A Terrible Carpenter. It Consists Of A Wooden Birdhouse-Like Structure On Wooden Stilts

2001, The Perfect Place to Grow: This work pays homage to the artist’s Turkish Cypriot father who, she says, is a fantastic gardener but a terrible carpenter. It is a wooden birdhouse-like structure built on wooden stilts.

2004, Hate And Power Can Be A Terrible Thing: This Appliquéd Blanket Work Is A Blistering Attack Margaret Thatcher, And Her Participation In The Falklands War Of 1982

2004, Hate and Power Can be a Terrible Thing: This appliquéd blanket work is a blistering attack Margaret Thatcher, and her participation in the Falklands War of 1982

2011, I Promise To Love You: In The 2000S, Emin Began Working Extensively With Neon Lighting. These Works Feature Words And Phrases In Her Handwriting. Pictured, 2011'S Neon Sculpture I Promise To Love You

2011, I Promise To Love You: In the 2000s, Emin began working extensively with neon lighting. These works are composed of words and phrases written by Emin. Pictured is 2011’s neon sculpture, I Promise To Love you


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