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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Total War: Pharaoh officially announced


Today, Sega and the Creative Assembly development team announced the latest part of the famous Total War strategy series, Total War: Pharaoh, which will be available to PC owners next October.

Total War: Pharaoh will take players to the turbulent New Kingdom of Egypt, where players will determine the fate of three great cultures as they fight for survival amid the collapse of the Bronze Age.

Game director Todor Nikolov said:

There are few periods more famous than ancient Egypt, filled with political intrigue and cataclysmic events, which is why we chose one of them to set the setting for the latest installment of Total War.

As Pharaoh you must save Egypt from the cusp of destruction and guide your people through the catastrophic Bronze Age collapse, it is up to you to either survive or fade into history.

Players will have a choice of eight faction leaders as they set out to impress their people, engage in battle or wreak havoc as brutal warlords, and uncover the rich land that was ancient Egypt.

However, enemy armies will not be the only enemy for players, as players will also encounter sand and thunderstorms, burning forests and other dynamically changing battlefields.

It was announced that those who pre-ordered Total War: Pharaoh will get the chance to try the game in its yet-to-be announced week of early access, as well as the Avatar of the Gods Cosmetic Pack and the Heart of the Shardana Cosmetic Pack.

Total War: Pharaoh will be available for $59.99, the Deluxe Edition will cost $72.87, and the Dynasty Edition will be available for $91.46.

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