Top Qualities to Look for in a Criminal Lawyer

If you are charged with a crime, it is your right to get a lawyer. Your lawyer would be the one to guide you by providing legal advice and making sure your rights are protected and that you’ll get a fair trial. 

Choosing your criminal lawyer is crucial in the development of your case. There is no place for mistakes when it comes to criminal cases. If your lawyer is incompetent, you can easily be convicted of something you did not do because of a poor defense. Thus, your lawyer should have the experience, knowledge, and guts like the lawyers from reputable law firm The Law Office of Stein & Markus. 

If you’re clueless about how to find the right lawyer to represent you, here are the qualities that you should look for in a criminal lawyer: 

Duties of a criminal lawyer

Upon passing the bar, lawyers have the liberty to choose a specific area to specialize in. Criminal lawyers are those who represent and defend those accused of a crime. Their primary goal is to defend the accused and attempt to fight for their acquittal or negotiate for lower charges.


A criminal lawyer is expected to conduct their research and investigation to gather information. They also study other cases and the law to understand how it applies to the case. The lawyer then develops a case and a defense strategy based on the evidence and data gathered. With this case, they proceed to handle pre-trial processes such as negotiating pleas and lesser charges. Here are some of the duties and specialties criminal defense lawyers do when handling a case:

Briefing the client

One of the first things that a defense attorney does when given a case is to brief the client. This involves running through their charges and explaining the process from thereon.

Negotiating plea bargains

Even before standing in court for trial, criminal defense lawyers attempt to negotiate with the prosecution. The plea bargain is a common resolve for criminal charges. It involves dismissing or lowering charges in exchange for a guilty plea. The criminal court system encourages the plea bargain, but there are still some factors considered for this decision. This includes the severity of the alleged crime, the strength of the evidence, and the possibility of a guilty conviction in trial.

Must-have qualities of a criminal lawyer

The criminal justice system can be extremely complex and finicky. Depending on the case, trials can take as long as they need to reach a just verdict. Taking this into consideration, lawyers can be a person’s last line of defense when faced with a criminal charge. Here are some of the must-have qualities of a quality criminal lawyer.


No court case is ever the same. There will always be an element or factor that makes each case unique. Thus, defendants need to find an attorney that has a good understanding of the criminal court system. Although there would not be one strategy for success, knowledge of the law can help build a solid case for the defendant.

Communication skills

Trials are all about presenting one’s case to prove their innocence. Listening is one element of good communication skills. Even before a criminal lawyer steps in court, they should be able to listen and digest the defendant’s narrative to build a fool-proof defense. Aside from this, lawyers should also have the eloquence and demeanor to effectively deliver the client’s defense. A good lawyer can stand in front of the judge with utter confidence but with the right amount of aggressiveness. Negotiation and persuasion are also critical in getting the jury to the defendant’s side.

Research and investigation prowess

To defend a client, criminal lawyers need to conduct in-depth research and investigation. Gathering facts and evidence is necessary in building a case that will surely stand in court and prove the client’s innocence. It is important to understand that this step is laborious. It could take weeks, months, and even years to gather evidence. Aside from that, this step needs to be meticulous to create a strong case. 


When faced with a criminal charge, choosing your criminal lawyer can sometimes be literally a matter of life or death. Therefore, it is crucial to take time and do your research when choosing the most suitable lawyer for your case.