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Top New Features in the New iPhone 14 Series


Apple introduced the iPhone 14 series on the 16th of September, 2022. You should learn about the new features of the iPhone 14 before deciding if you want to get one. In this article, we’ll go through the top six improvements made to iPhone 14:

Upgraded Cameras That Work Better in Low-light Conditions

The iPhone 14 models’ cameras have improved low-light performance and can record truer colors. With the addition of auto-focus, the front-facing camera can now take sharp selfies regardless of how far the subject is from the lens.

Apple is updating the Camera app with a new “Action Mode.” The camera will be stabilized in Action Mode to decrease blurring, making it ideal for action-packed footage.

Satellite Allows Emergency Calls Anywhere

The iPhone 14 may now be used to make emergency calls even when no network or cellular connection is available. For this purpose, it establishes a connection with satellites in orbit above you, reporting your precise location to ground-based rescue workers.

When you first link up, your iPhone will inquire about your current situation, such as “Are you lost?” Hurt? Do you have company, or are you by yourself? These are designed to help your iPhone connect with the right support staff if you need assistance. The service is available for both urgent and non-urgent needs. 

A New Force Sensor

The iPhone 14, like the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8, will include a force sensor to detect impacts. You can only use the sensor while driving, and it will go off if you come to a quick halt, the airbag deploys, or there is a loud crashing sound. After a fall is detected, your iPhone will offer to contact 911 for you; if you don’t answer, it will do so automatically.

New Processor

All four of the newest iPhone models will have new chip technology. The new models’ lightning-fast performance is down to these essential components, which control your iPhone’s most crucial features. You can use this processor to play games on casinos like PlayAmo casino smoothly.

Similar to the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are powered by Apple A15 Bionic processor. Apple claims an 18% boost in graphics processing power (in the GPU) and equivalent gains in the CPU and neural processing unit.

The most significant improvements, however, are reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Only the Pro versions use a new A16 Bionic processor, which is around 40% faster than the A15. Its lower power consumption compared to the A15 means that the battery and other internal parts are less likely to fail.

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