Top Five Thriller Netflix Series For September 2021

September is a crazy month. You get all those feelings out of nowhere about a certain someone that makes you go nostalgic, right? If you do not want to deal with those feelings and want to distract yourself, then you must try watching something on the internet. And there is no better place than Netflix to enjoy the best content on the internet. If that is what you also believe, then you must check out our list of the top five thriller Netflix series for September 2021. So without using too many words, let’s get right into it.


Bloodline is a gripping tale of a family which used to be the strongest one in the city because of the bond they used to share. However, an incident changes their perspective towards each other and they begin to look at one another with distrust, disbelief and angst. The narrative of the show is quite engaging and you will not feel the need to leave your seat even for a minute once you have tuned into this show. It has three seasons and the fans were eager to watch the fourth season of the series, but The Next Hint confirmed in one of its reports that Bloodline Season 4 is a distant dream which is not going to get realized because the makers have already concluded the series.

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Money Heist deserved a spot on this list because of how astonishingly it has become popular all over the world in a short span of time. The series is touted to be one of the finest Netflix series ever and it continues to gain new fans with every passing day. The first half of the fifth season of this show was released in September and you must watch it before the second half drops.


Dark Desire is a decently written show which has gained a sincere fan following for its offbeat content and the tragic storyline. The acting performances of this show are truly brilliant and you will be hooked to the one and only season of this show.


The Rain is set in a post apocalyptic world wherein a pair of siblings set on a journey to find out other survivors and restart their lives. It makes for an intriguing drama after the world has almost ended.


The reason why we have chosen Stranger List for this spot is because the next season of this show is coming out soon and you will have to do a lot of catching up before that happens. So, start watching this show right now!

It should be noted that this list does not rank all these shows and the one which is placed on the top is as good as the one which is placed at the bottom. Another thing is that they all belong to different genres and that is why they do not really deserve to be pitted against each other. If you liked this list, then you must check out our other lists about some great Netflix series which you should not miss and for more such amazing updates, keep visiting this space.