Top 6 costume ideas for this Halloween to pair with your favorite glasses!

The sky is darkening, and the moon is shining brightly on a cloudless sky. You feel a chill and ghostly horror in the air as it is the last night of October. 

It’s Halloween!

You have planned a ghoulishly delightful party but what you are going to wear. Halloween costumes make the last night of October night of horror and fun. Halloween is the most exciting night of the year where you can serve look or serve spook.

Change yourself into a vampire, scarecrow, monster, a spooky ghost, or anything else; it is time to show your creativity. You have one shot until next Halloween of putting together the perfect costume.

But for those who wear spectacles, it can be quite challenging to choose the costume that fits their look.

You can ditch your glasses to rock a perfect Halloween costume. But if you do not enjoy wearing contacts, then it is not easy to choose the right outfit. 

Here is the good news- you can use your glasses as a built-in prop, and you can create a perfect costume for your Halloween look. 

From trick or treat to summoning spirits, there is a lot to on that spooky night, so here are the best Halloween costumes for those who wear glasses to rock:


1. Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly:

This Halloween try a new look from 1961 American romantic comedy to have your own Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We recommend you wear Anoushka Tom Ford that has a classic style big frame and gradient lens color. They do not slide down your face. These cat-eye acetate sunglasses will definitely make you stand out this Halloween.


2. The iconic rocket man, Sir Elton John:

Rocketman is a biographical musical movie based on the life of Sir Elton John. Get a whimsical look this October by wearing heart-shaped glasses from Quay. Channel the iconic pop star’s unique and fun style. Are you ready to make some dance movies this Halloween?

iconic rocket

3. Hogwarts wizard:

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter, the famous wizard from Hogwarts? He used to wear round eyeglasses, and his look is indeed timeless. You are not studying at Hogwarts, of course, but you can still rock this look on 31st October this year. “Accio” the Scout frames by SmartBuy collection- they’reperfect to wear at this Halloween to rock the look of a wizard. If you break them, you know the charm to repair the broken glasses. Just grab your wand and say,” Oculus Reparo.”

4. Imagine-John Lennon:

Transport yourself back to the ’70s by channeling the John Lennon’s look. Do you remember his famous album “imagine”? John Lennon sunnies will help you rock the look of the musical genius. Find three other Beatles and you will be asked to put up a concert. Don’t worry about your vocals-after all; it’s Halloween.


5. Velma’s look:

Try Velma’s look from the Scooby-Doo franchise. SmartBuy collection Pollyis tailored for both genders and helps you get Velma’s look. The square frames look great on people with oval face shape. Don’t forget to bring Scooby snacks. 


6. Tony Stark look from Avengers End Game:

Are you an iron man fan? This Halloween get the casual Tony Stark look by wearing those Carrera sunglasses. These spectacles are best to enhance your rebellion streak. The guys who wear glasses can carry these stylish eye wears in day to day life as well.


7. Mrs. Doubtfire:

Transparent, framed glasses are perfect for everyday wear. Don’t know what to wear on Halloween Night? Why don’t you try Mrs. Doubt fire’s look by wearing these transparent framed glasses?


Hopefully, you have found some ideas about what to wear at Halloween. The ideas given above are not spooky, but they will surely make you stand out.

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