Tips & Tricks to Pass Microsoft 70-486 Exam with PrepAway

Microsoft – the world-leading IT vendor

We have all heard of Microsoft in one way or another mainly because each of us has already used for example either the Windows operating systems or the Office suite package developed by them. Why is Microsoft so widely used? Any IT product becomes popular due to two reasons, which are reliability and versatility. Microsoft products have these two qualities. Along with the products offered, Microsoft provides a wide range of IT certifications. Let’s find out more about the web page.

Microsoft certifications

Microsoft certifications are widely accepted in many renowned organizations nowadays. That is mainly because their credentials are up to the highest standards and they are constantly updated to suit the newest developments in the field. Currently, Microsoft certifications include Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert. They are mostly role-based. Still, the previously issued credentials are still valid and can be obtained. They are divided into the following levels: 

  • MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate)

There is a wide range of MTA certifications available if you want to get into the field of IT technology. 

  • MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate)

The credentials under the MCSA category are made to show competence in the chosen technology and require you to have 1-2 year of working experience in IT.

  • MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer)

The only certification currently available under this category is the MCSD: App Builder which is designed for developers with 3-5 years of experience in the chosen field.

  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert)

MCSE credentials are for real experts that possess top-notch skills in working with the Microsoft Server technology. 

Now that you have a general idea about Microsoft certifications let’s focus more on one of the most sought-after certification MCSA Cloud Platform credential and 70-486 exam -one of the two that you need to pass to become a MCSA certified professional.

MCSA Cloud Platform and Exams to Take

This credential allows you to apply for the position of a cloud administrator or a cloud architect. To gain it, you need to pass two exams from the pool of tests offered on the Microsoft official website. They include exams 70-486, 70-533, 70-535, and 70-537. The MCSA Cloud Platform serves as a prerequisite towards the MCSE certification as well. 

Still, in this article, we’ll focus mostly on 70-486 test. 

70-486 exam overview

This exam is intended for candidates who possess skills to work with Microsoft Azure solutions and have a profound knowledge of how to build both resilient and scalable solutions.

Here’s a list of things you might need to know about the exam:

  • Topics

The topics that you will be tested on in this exam include

  • working with Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines and Network Services,
  • completing tasks that deal with Mobile and Web Services, Azure Compute,
  • using Data and Storage Strategy


  • Number of questions

When talking more specifically of the exam itself, the number of questions asked is not exactly defined. It can range from 40 to 60 questions. The number of questions present in the test will be known only at the exam.

  • Type of questions

The format of questions asked is not specified but Microsoft exams can contain the following types: case study, best answer, build list, drag and drop, hot area, multiple-choice, among many.

  • Duration

MCSA exams usually run within a duration of 120 minutes with the total seat time of 150 minutes.

  • Passing score

The passing score for all the Microsoft technical exams is 700.

  • Languages

Microsoft also made this exam more acquirable by making it available in not only English but also Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian languages.

Since Microsoft aims to equip its candidates with the most relevant skills, it retires some exams and certification within some period. So, 70-486 test is going to be retired soon as well and will be replaced by AZ-302 exam, which will lead to earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate credential. 

Preparing for the 70-486 exam

Preparation is the most important part of the process you need to do before facing any exam. Especially when it comes to Microsoft exams since they are known to be rather tough to crack. There are many resources available to help you prepare for 70-486 exam. For example, the vendor itself offers:

  • Online training
  • Instructor-led training
  • Exam prep video
  • Practice test
  • Books
  • Resources

In addition to these, you can also refer to external resources like:

  • Books

There are many books written by professionals in the field. These books have comprehensive descriptions on the subject matters and most of them have sample questions that will help you realize where or not you have grasped the concepts properly. Check the Amazon website to be well-prepared for 70-486 test.

  • Videos

Nowadays people prefer other modes of learning over books. Videos are one such great resource. You can find that many professionals have made videos trying to explain complicated concepts in a very simple way and that is what makes videos such a great resource. You can visit YouTube and PrepAway to find the most informative and well-organized videos and video courses for 70-486 exam.

  • Exam dumps

Exam dumps are files that contain exam questions and answers. They the best way to practice for the exam. PrepAway, for example, is a reliable site that contains the latest exam dumps. Their VCE files can be opened using the VCE Exam Simulator that resembles the actual exam environment and helps you to tackle all exam questions. You should be mindful when using exam dumps from unknown sites though because not all of them contain valid and actual material. Some optional web resources you can rely on include ExamCollection, Exam-Labs, and PrepAway.


Having a certification from Microsoft is a great way to make your CV noticeable to the employer and earn many benefits. Since Microsoft is an organization at the top of its tier, their credentials can be a little tough to gain since they make sure to keep up to their name. But if you prepare for 70-486 exam using the right resources and a high amount of dedication you too can become MCSA certified soon. Thus, you’ll possess the most relevant skills and make a successful career of a cloud architect or a cloud administrator. Wish you luck!