Tips for eye health and maintaining good eyesight

Have you ever thought that you are damaging your eyesight without even knowing it? Your daily routine is becoming unhealthy for your eyesight. Conventional desk jobs, dehydration, irregular sleeping pattern are some of the causes that can be controlled but are neglected now and then.

If you look upon the statistics, you will understand how many reasons are there, which are the potential cause of unhealthy eyesight. If you search for macquarie centre optometrist, you will be able to see what your nearby optometrist has to suggest for maintaining good eye health. Following are some of the tips that can be helpful if you are unable to connect to an optometrist:

  1. Dietary Habits and Eyesight: It is amazing to know that eyesight is associated with your dietary habits that can be managed and can be controlled. Yes, it is as simple as, whatever you eat creates an impact on your overall physiology of the body and so on the eye. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, Lutein, Zinc and Omega-3 have been best when it comes to maintaining good eyesight and sharpening your vision.

People consuming excess amount of carbohydrates and fats are often found to have eyesight issues more than the people who  prefer proteins and vegetables. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemon, green leafy vegetables, and fish have been the core components to improve and maintain eyesight.

  1. Smoking Kills, A Conventional Statement: Even though we all know that smoking is associated with many of the pulmonary issues, but we do not accept the challenge to quit smoking and keep on damaging our self with excessive nicotine consumption.

In recent times, medical researchers have validated that smoking is not only associated with pulmonary diseases but also associated with the cause of damage to your eyesight as it weakens the nerves in the eye. People with the habit of smoking are more prone to get affected visually when compared to non-smokers. If you haven’t thought to quit smoking, it is high time to relax and think about what is more valuable for you, good vision or visual impairment?


  1. Hydration, A Beneficial Source For Good EyeSight:  Sometimes, we get so busy that we do not feel the need of keeping our bodies hydrated and keep on working that becomes a potential catalyst for dry eyes.

As we all know, most of our body is composed of water-based components, hydration plays a significant role in maintaining normal physiology of the body and if we are not aware of the levels of fluid in the body, then we are simply not supporting the body physiology. This dehydration lowers the tear production and causes the eye to dry that eventually becomes the root cause of more infections.

  1. Take Help From Sun Glasses or Shades: Most people are found to avoid sunglasses or shades complaining about the trending fashion, but it is high time to think again if you have a perception that shades are for fashion only. Sun emits ultraviolet radiation that heaves the tendency to cause damage if eyes are exposed repeatedly.

All you need to do is to select and wear the shades that suit you as ultraviolet radiation have been found to cause cataracts and macular degeneration.

On the other hand, if you are not willing to get yourself a pair of shades than you have an option for choosing a protective pair of lenses for yourself. This will not only help you to maintain good eyesight but will also make you look stylish.

  1. Reduce On-Screen Timing: Being an employee of a conventional desk job oriented organization comes with a lot of potential threats to your body. One of the threats is for your eyes that continuous exposure to a computer screen can become a potential source of causing damage to your eyes.

People exposed to computer screens for more than 6 hours daily are found to be at risk twice than normal people. If you are unable to identify how you can follow this limitation than protective eyewear is a solution for you that does not allow the radiation to damage your eyesight. Most common problems observed in such cases are found to be excessive tear production and blurry vision that eventually transforms into an eye infection.

  1. Habit of Rubbing Eyes, Catalyst to Infection: Around the globe, medical researchers come across the common problem of eye rubbing that is one of the major causes of eye infections. Later, researchers suggest that this infection is not because of rubbing the eyes, but the infection spreads when the eyes are regularly rubbed with hands full of germs, as medical experts have found traces of normal flora of hands in the eyes.

Getting rid of this habit should be a priority for people but if they are not able to stop this habit then they need to adopt a new habit of keeping their hands clean to protect their eyesight and maintain good eye health.

  1. Regular Visit to Consultant: In a time where people are highly occupied in the race of achieving bigger and better, one of the most neglected aspects is our health and hygiene. We have been neglecting our health issues for a long time and now it is high time to understand and learn how to protect our eyes without any professional help all the time.

If you are planning to maintain your eyesight in a better way, you need to plan a consultation session with your doctor and follow the tips and tricks suggested by him. Experts have been suggesting regular eye examination every second year to help people maintain their eye health and safety.

  1. Family History, A Natural Liability: Out of all the above-mentioned aspects, family history is the only aspect that cannot be accepted or rejected by your own will.

Family history has been the most common cause of eye infections around the globe and people are aware of their family history but still do not accept that it is a potential threat to their own eyes. It is your responsibility to share it with your consultant and follow the instructions before becoming a victim of your family history.

Conclusion: Life is all about experiencing new things daily and it is only possible when body functions normally. People with visual impairment understand how vision creates an impact on the overall experience of life but unfortunately, normal people avoid understanding this concept and let their eyes suffer due to intentional negligence.

We would like to recommend if you feel any sort of problem in your eyes or any of the body parts, it is better to consult a doctor before it causes any big problem.