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Tips and Tricks to Make Moving Apartments Easy 

Getting handed the keys to your new apartment is a feeling like no other. It symbolizes a new era in your life, whether you’ve moved apartments for career reasons or simply wanted a change of scenery. 

But if you aren’t at that stage yet and are still waiting for your move-in day, you’re in the right place. 

Here are some tips and tricks to make moving apartments stress-free and easy. 

Rent a storage unit

When people move apartments, it usually means having to say goodbye to certain possessions that their new apartment doesn’t have space for. Honestly, it can be really upsetting to have to let certain items go. 

Have you heard the good news, though? You don’t have to dispose of any of your possessions, not now that storage units exist!

Essentially, storage units are secure and compact pods (some of them even look like garages) where you can store any possessions you like at affordable costs. 

Let’s say, for example, you have some memorabilia that belonged to your grandfather, such as an old guitar and various other ornaments. If you’re struggling to find space for them, all you need to do is hire a storage unit. 

Any time you want to go and look at the items you’ve stored or take them back entirely, just pop by your storage unit and end your renting lease. To get started, check out Pittsburgh storage units

Donate items to charity 

During the packing process, you might end up thinking: 

“Do I really need this anymore?”

If this happens, why not just donate anything you don’t want to charity instead? 

Whether it’s old clothing or a gaming console you no longer use, head down to one of your local charities and donate them to people in need. It’s a wonderful gesture and makes much more sense than hanging on to possessions you don’t even need! 

Pack at least a week in advance

Speaking of packing, don’t make the fatal (and amateur) mistake of thinking that you can pack at the last second: this never works out well. 

Even if you don’t have that much furniture and other possessions, you’ll still find yourself scrambling around frantically when you realize how much effort it takes to efficiently pack everything away. 

So, the solution is simple: pack at least a week in advance. For example, if your move-in date is December 20th, start packing on December 13th – you get the idea. However, you should pack 2 weeks (or even a month) before leaving to reduce any risk. 

Shop for new furniture

Of course, when people move apartments, they usually want a big refresh; new furniture, new household items – basically, the whole nine yards. 

Rather than doing this after you’ve moved in, it’s a smart idea to buy your new furniture before you do. This way, you can immediately stamp your personality and design on your new apartment without it taking weeks or even months. 

Research your new town 

You’ll (rightfully) be excited about moving to your new apartment. However, if it’s in a new town, make sure to research the surrounding area, from the best places to eat to nearby leisure activities. This will help you to settle in faster.