Three Lions v the Dragon: Harry Kane and Gareth Bale warm up

Despite the Three Lions pushing early in tonight’s crunch, England and Wales are still all square in “the Battle of Britain”. World Cup match.  

Harry Kane, Gareth Bale, and their counterpart Gareth Bale led teams out to Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. Then, fans joined the chorus with rousing renditions of the national anthems.

England was already leading the fight at kick-off, with its supporters outnumbering those from Wales by three to one in the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium’s 42.000-seat Ahmad bin Ali Stadium.

Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions won six of their last six matches against their opponents, but Rob Page’s men, commanded by Gareth Bale as talisman, still need to win the first match over England since 1984.

This evening’s Wales game starts with a goalkeeper from Wales. He saves Marcus Rashford, an English player, early in the match. 

Declan Rice Of England Controls The Ball Against Aaron Ramsey Of Wales During This Evening'S World Cup Clash

During this evening’s match, Declan Rice from England controls the ball and Aaron Ramsey from Wales controls it World Cup clash 

Two home nations will meet in their final group B fixture. Thousands of fans have made the trip, and millions more are watching back at home.

Chants were exchanged between the two groups of fans, even reaching the metro where one Canadian passenger claimed that he had a lot of banter with the US ‘but not as this’.

When asked who he would support, King said that he was just looking for a good game and Sunderland’s former star Gary Bennett.

Downing Street stated that Rishi Sunak would support England but hoped that both teams could progress ‘as far and possible’ in this competition.

The Three Lions are currently the top group and only need one point to ensure their progression to the knockout stages. Wales must win to hope for a favorable result between Iran, USA.

England Player Aaron Ramsdale'S Partner Georgina Irwin In The Stands This Evening

England player Aaron Ramsdale with Georgina Irwin at the stands

Charlotte Russell, Partner Of Wales Player Keiffer Moore, At The Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium In Doha This Evening

Charlotte Russell, a partner of Keiffer Moore’s Wales player, was at the Ahmad Bin Ali stadium, Doha, this evening 

Chants Of 'Wales, Wales' Were Soon Met With The Response Of 'World Cup Winners, You'Ll Never Sing That' As Fans Gradually Made Their Way Into The Stadium

The response to chants of Wales, Wales’ was swift: ‘World Cup winners, you won’t sing that” as the crowd gradually moved into the stadium

A Lone England Fan Is Spotted Among A Sea Of Welsh Fans At The Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium This Evening

A lone England fan is spotted among a sea of Welsh fans at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium this evening 

England And Wales Line Up Before The Start Of This Evening'S Group B Match, Which Has Been Dubbed 'The Battle Of Britain'

England and Wales are pictured before the start of Group B’s match. This evening’s match has been called ‘the Battle of Britain. 

England Manager Gareth Southgate And His Staff Line Up For The National Anthem Before Tonight'S Game

England manager Gareth Southgate, and his team, line up to sing the national anthem prior to tonight’s match 

England Players Stand For A Rendition Of God Save The Queen From The Team'S Bench

England players sing God Save The Queen from the team’s benches. 

Ashleigh Behan, The Girlfriend Of England'S Kalvin Phillips, Watches On From The Stands Before The Start Of Tonight'S Clash

Ashleigh Behan is the girlfriend of Kalvin Phillips from England. She watches the clash from the stands just before it starts.

Ria Hughes, Girlfriend Of Daniel James Of Wales Is Seen Before Tonight'S Group B Match Between Wales And England

Ria Hughes is the girlfriend Daniel James of Wales. She was seen before tonight’s Group B match between England and Wales.

Bbc Commentator Alex Scott Reacts Prior To The Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 Group B Match Between Wales And England

Alex Scott, BBC commentator, reacts before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group C match between England & Wales

Former Singer Chesney Hawkes Before This Evening'S Fifa World Cup Group B Match

Before this evening’s FIFA, Chesney Hawkes was a former singer World Cup Group B Match

England And Wales Fans Hold Their Respective Nations' Flags As They Wait In The Stands Ahead Of Tonight'S Fixture

As England and Wales fans wait for tonight’s fixture, they hold their flags while waiting in the stands.  

Stadium Security Staff Were Seen Telling England'S 'Tango Man' To Put His Shirt Back On In The Stands Today

Security staff at the stadium were seen telling England’s “tango guy” to take his shirt off in the stands today 

Paul Gregory Has Become Famous For Taking His Top Off At Games - But Doing So Falls Foul Of The Rules In Qatar

Paul Gregory is well-known for his habit of taking off his top at games. However, this violates the Qatari rules. 

England'S Sports Minister Stuart Andrew Wears A 'One Love' Armband At The Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

England’s sports minister Stuart Andrew wears a ‘One Love’ armband at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

A Young Welsh Fan Was Seen Celebrating After Grabbing Hold Of A Match Ball That Had Flown Into The Stands

A young Welsh fan celebrated after taking hold of the match ball that had been brought into the stands. 

Wales Fans Were Making Their Presence Felt In The Stands At The Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium In Al Rayyan, Qatar

Wales fans were making their presence felt in the stands at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar 

A Scottish Flag Bearing The Words 'Tartan Specials Est.2016' Was Seen Among Welsh Flags Inside The Stadium Today

A Scottish flag bearing the words “Tartan Specials est. 2016” was found amongst the Welsh flags today in the stadium. 

Doha saw a lot of Welsh fans singing before the match. Some England fans were even seen with flags on their faces.

The response to chants of Wales, Wales’ was swift: ‘World Cup winners, you won’t sing that” as the crowd gradually entered the stadium.

Huw Godfrey (50), a Wales fan, and Amy Godfrey (50), an England supporter, joked that they would still be in touch regardless of the outcome. They met in London 25-years ago.

Mrs Godfrey said that the children were not sure whether they wanted to support England or Wales.

One fan from Wales decided to fly to Qatar last minute to see the game, without his girlfriend knowing.

David Jones (or Dai) from Pontypridd in South Wales could not resist the opportunity to travel to the game despite being told by his partner of 11 year that he was under a deadline.

An England Flag Displayed On The Pitch Before This Evening'S Match

A flag of England was displayed on the pitch prior to this evening’s match

England'S Captain Harry Kane Warms Up Ahead Of This Evening'S Game Against Wales At The World Cup In Qatar

England’s captain Harry Kane warms before the game against Wales at the World Cup in Qatar 

Bukayo Saka And Raheem Sterling Of England Join The Rest Of The Team On A Pitch Inspection Before Kick Off This Evening

Bukayo Saka and Raheem Silver from England join the rest to inspect the pitch before the kick off. 

The Welsh Team Need To Win Tonight'S Game To Have A Chance Of Progressing Into The Knockout Stages

To have any chance of reaching the knockout stages, the Welsh team must win tonight’s match

Bukayo Saka (Left) Waves To Fans As He And Fellow England Players Warm Up This Evening At The Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Bukayo Saka (left), waves to fans during warm-up at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. 

Phil Foden (Right) Has Been Named Among The Starting Line-Up For This Evening'S Game. He Is Pictured With Kyle Walker

Phil Foden (right), was named in the starting line up for this evening’s match. He Kyle Walker and Kyle Walker are pictured 

England'S Harry Kane And Conor Coady Chat To Each Other On The Pitch Before Today'S Crunch Match

Conor Coady and Harry Kane, both from England, chat on the pitch prior to today’s crunch match 

Wales Captain Gareth Bale Inspects The Pitch Ahead Of This Evening'S Crucial Group B World Cup Game

Wales captain Gareth Bale checks the pitch before tonight’s critical Group B match World Cup game 

A Welsh Fan Lifts Up A Young Baby In The Stands At The Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium This Evening

A Welsh fan lifts up a young baby in the stands at the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium this evening 

The Two Home Nations Meet For Their Final Group B Fixture, With Hordes Of Fans Having Made The Trip And Millions More Watching Back Home

 Two home nations will meet in their final group B fixture. There are hordes of supporters who made the trip, and many more back home to watch.

The Three Lions Currently Top The Group And Need Just A Point To Guarantee Their Progress To The Knockout Stages, While Wales Must Win And Hope For A Favourable Result Between Iran And The Usa

The Three Lions lead the group currently and they only need one point in order to progress to the knockout stage. Wales must win and hope to secure a positive result between Iran and USA

England Fans Enjoying The Build Up Before The Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 Group B Match

England fans enjoy the build-up before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group B match

According to the 33-year old electrician, “I thought she would get over it in her time, but I never did, so I decided to come.”

Today, supporters from both countries began to prepare for the game at the Red Lion pub, Doha is a favourite haunt for fans of both teams.

Mick Martin, a 62 year-old England fan, stated that Wales was a “wounded animal” but added, “We should be good enough.”

“If we don’t have the ability to defeat Wales or get a positive result against Wales, then we shouldn’t even be here.”

Mike Gristwood, a 52-year-old Wales supporter from Swansea said that he and friends felt’slightly nervous ahead of the match.

He added, “But we will be singing our hearts out late and we’ll also be that 12th guy that gets our boys to the finish line,”

Ian Carter (45), a England fan who lives in Llanelli was going to the game with James Millar, his nephew and father-inlaw, after they flew in from Dubai.

England And Wales Go Down An Escalator On The Metro As They Make Their Way Towards The Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

England and Wales descend an escalator of the metro to make their way to the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Chants Between The Two Sets Of Fans Even Extended To The Metro, Where One Canadian Passenger Said His Country Had Banter With The Us, 'But Not Like This'

Chants were exchanged between the two groups of fans, even reaching the metro where one Canadian passenger claimed that he had a lot of banter with the US.

Crowds Of England And Wales Fans Making Their Way To The Stadium For This Evening'S Huge Fixture

Crowds of England & Wales fans make their way into the stadium to witness this historic fixture 

Wales Fans Enjoy The Pre Match Atmosphere Prior To This Evening'S Historic World Cup Game Against England

Wales fans enjoy the atmosphere before this historic match. World Cup match against England 

Mr Carter said that the decision was made to travel to Qatar. It was a case where you have the missus to talk with and all that, but it was an easy choice. Being from a Welsh/English mix, it was a perfect storm for us.

Elsewhere Chief Constable Mark Roberts of the UK’s Football Policing Lead said that no incidents or arrests were made during the first nine days and thanked England and Wales for their ‘exemplary” behavior.

He According to the Qatari authorities, there is no trouble. World Cup, which he believes was due in large part to alcohol being more readily available, was a sign ministers should resist calls for easing restrictions on drinking at UK football grounds.

It is a significant security operation that Tenerife police have launched to stop violence during the England and Wales match.

Video footage was captured of a brawl at bars on the largest Canary Islands in Spain on Friday night. The participants were wearing England and Wales shirts.

UK police fear that Qatari citizens will not be allowed to travel to the country for the upcoming elections World Cup might have been involved with the Tenerife incident but they said that they don’t know for sure.   

Fans Head To The Stadium Before The Massive Match Tonight In Qatar'S World Cup Tournament

Before the huge match in Qatar tonight, fans head to the stadium World Cup tournament

England Fans Enjoy The Pre Match Atmosphere Prior To The Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 Group B Match Between Wales And England At Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

England fans enjoy the pre-match atmosphere before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group C match between England & Wales at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Facepainting Was Observed In Qatar As A Proud Fan Was Daubed With The St George Flag Tonight

Facepainting in Qatar was observed tonight when a proud fan was daubed by the St George flag

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