Thinking about taking a lockdown course? Here’s why you should consider CSPO Certification

During Lockdown, you may think your life has come to a halt. But for every person who believes that they have some talent inside them, there is a way out of this rut. Businesses today are expanding their field of search for very specific roles in their staff. These important niche profiles are always under heavy demand. What do you need to do, in order to take a shot at them? A simple certification course is enough to learn the ropes and become eligible to fill in these specific job profiles. Though there are a plethora of options, this article explores the benefits of CSPO training and why certification of it is very lucrative.

What is CSPO?

CSPO stands for Certified Scrum Product Owner. It is a credential that is given by the Scrum Alliance. To understand the role of a Product Owner, first, let us quickly go over what Scrum means. Scrum is a modern framework of principles that allow businesses to complete projects on an incremental basis. 

The keystone of Scrum idealogy is that the team needs to cross-functional in their capabilities and collaborative in their working. The CSPO credential is proof that you possess strong expertise in the Scrum system. Specific to CSPO, the Product Owner in a Scrum is the person who designs the product of the business. Usually, this has to be an extremely creative and innovative person who is well in touch with what the project demands. This product owner has responsibility for shaping and designing the product that the business deals in. Hence, their importance in a Scrum system is paramount. 

How to get a CSPO credential?

In order to get CSPO certification, one must first undergo CSPO training in order to understand the working and intricacies of the Scrum system. This kind of training is offered as courses by a number of certified trainers or coaches who are affiliated with the Scrum Alliance. The course is usually a two-day course of eight hours a day done in person. Alternatively, the online course can also be done as a 14-hour lesson. Once your course is completed, you will be versed with the knowledge of the Scrum system and will help you become a successful Product Owner. There is no examination that is needed to be cleared to prove your proficiency. After completing the course the Scrum Alliance website creates an account for you where you can obtain or download a copy of your CSPO Certificate. 

At worst, doing the CSPO course helps you become a bit more knowledgeable about the workings of a project delivery system. However, in the real world, CSPO certification positions you as a lucrative potential employee that can utilize the Scrum system to its full extent to align the company’s growth towards its goal. The cost-benefit is extremely favorable. The lockdown has opened up a lot of leisure time for everyone, and this time is best spent on attaining useful certification such as the CSPO!