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The White House: What is happening in Israel will affect its security and its army


The White House expressed its concern about what is happening in Israel after the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant from his post because of his rejection of the judicial amendments.

“What is happening in Israel will affect its security and its army,” he said.

The Israeli consul in New York resigns

In turn, the Israeli Consul General in New York announced today, Sunday, his resignation, in protest of Galant’s dismissal, and Assaf Zamir said in his resignation letter, “I cannot serve in a government led by Netanyahu.”

He also made it clear that the political situation in Israel had reached a “critical point,” describing the decision to dismiss Galant as “dangerous,” according to what was reported by the Israeli “Y.net” website.

Zamir pointed out that the judicial amendments legislation, which Gallant called for stopping its work on Saturday, “undermines the basis of the democratic system and threatens the rule of law” in Israel.

This comes after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sacked Defense Minister Yoav Gallant from office earlier today because of his rejection of the judicial amendments, according to Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath correspondent.

Local media also reported that Netanyahu summoned the defense minister before his dismissal, and said he had lost confidence in him because he had worked against the government and the ruling coalition.

First statement from Gallant

In his first statement after his dismissal, the newspaper (The Jerusalem Post) quoted Gallant as saying, “The security of the State of Israel was and always will be the mission of my life.”

The dismissed defense minister had recently opposed Netanyahu’s controversial plan to amend the Israeli judicial system. Yesterday, Saturday, he called for halting legislation related to judicial amendments to hold a dialogue with opponents, warning of the existence of “enormous threats” with the arrival of what he considered a “split” within the Israeli army. .

“We need a change in the judicial system, but the main changes must be made through dialogue,” he said in a televised speech.

threat to Israel’s security

The dismissal sparked angry reactions in the country. The Israeli opposition issued a statement holding the prime minister responsible for threatening Israel’s security, saying, “The country’s security should not be a political game in the hands of Netanyahu.”

She called on members of the Likud party not to accept the position of Minister of Defense, and said, “Whoever accepts the position of Minister of Defense brings shame to himself.”

Demonstrations.. and disperse with water hoses

Thousands of Israelis also took to the streets today, Sunday, to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, while Israeli police dispersed the protesters in Tel Aviv with water cannons.

Demonstrators went to Netanyahu’s house to protest against the dismissal of the defense minister for his refusal to reform the judicial system, which prompted the Israeli police to intervene by preventing them and clashing with them.

The judicial system

It is noteworthy that Netanyahu’s ruling coalition is trying to advance amendments to the judicial system that would give the government decisive influence in choosing judges and limit the power of the Supreme Court to overturn laws.

Supporters of the amendments say the plan will curb the Supreme Court’s abuse of its powers and restore balance to the arms of government.

For their part, opponents of the amendments believe that it will weaken the judiciary, endanger civil liberties, and harm the economy.

The proposed amendments also sparked weeks of mass protests and alarm among Israel’s Western allies.

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