The Secret to Long Life Could be Playing Tennis

A nutritious diet and regular exercise can add extra years to your life. However, you’d be surprised to know that sports can also increase life expectancy. Regular physical activity is proven to raise healthy cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and burn body fat, according to an article on Harvard Health Publishing. Tennis, in particular, offers significant health benefits, and players tend to live at least 9.7 years longer, on average, than people who do not participate in such physical activity, according to a Copenhagen City Heart Study.

However, to ensure safe lob, half volley or backhand, tennis elbow support is a must. Tennis elbow is a condition caused by the overuse of the elbow. Equipped with expansion panels, the best elbow braces allow free movement of the arm, while compression relieves discomfort, say experts at Aidfull. This further helps in playing for longer durations and gaining expertise in the sport. 

A good way of staying healthy is to practice at least three times per week. But if you wish to advance your game, while improving cognitive functions, blood circulation and body fat levels, consider practicing 4-5 times each week. Take a look at how else this sport can benefit you.

Cardiovascular Health
Regular tennis results in an impressive plasma lipid profile, stable body weight, and improved cardio-respiratory system, which reduces the risk of developing heart complications, according to an article on the National Center for Biotechnology Information.  Therefore, aim to play the sport as long as your body permits. To ensure playing for the longest time, consider safety measures like making use of an elbow tendonitis brace. Along with medical treatments, a tennis elbow brace or compression elbow sleeve can help in faster recovery from torn or injured tendons. 

Controlled Obesity 

As of 2018, 39.6% American adults were living with obesity. Obesity can cut up to 20 years of good health from your life and reduce your lifespan by 8 years, according to a study by the National Health Service. The good news, however is that playing a singles tennis match for an hour can help you burn a significant amount of calories. Cardio tennis helps women burn up to 500 calories every hour. Additionally, it helps tone the body, which improves speed, agility, and self-confidence. Before using the balling machine, consider protection against twists and ligament tears. Wear a copper elbow sleeve, which is the best for extra compression and targeted pain relief, if any. 

Muscle Flexibility
Building your skeletal muscles can decrease metabolic risks, which can then protect against cardiovascular diseases. Seniors, particularly, should try strength training, since low muscle strength can increase mortality by 50%. To help age independently, aim at practicing handgrip strength. This can bring down mobility limitations and provide a full-torso exercise. A research conducted by the University of Michigan revealed that having strong and healthy muscles can lead to a longer life. 

Tennis reduces the risk of chronic illnesses and offers bursts of energy. However, sports come with their own set of injuries. Playing without protection can lead to shoulder tears, wrist strain, or cuff twists. So, don’t forget to wear a golfer’s elbow brace with elbow straps for free movement on the tennis court.