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The Project Q PlayStation Portable battery will be less than expected.. | -WhatsNew2Day


During the recent PlayStation event, Sony revealed a portable device under the name Project Q, which is supposed to be paired with the PlayStation 5 to play the latter’s games remotely via a Wi Fi network.

Sony did not reveal many details except that the device will depend mainly on the PlayStation 5 to run games on an 8-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p and a rate of 60 frames / s. While the device will not be able to install and run games on it separately.

Today, through the famous leaker Tom Henderson, who participated a report Through his own website, he said that he had obtained almost certain information about the battery life of the Project Q portable PlayStation, which apparently will fail everyone who was thinking of buying it one day.

According to Henderson, the battery life will take between 3 to 4 hours For a single charge, in other words, you will have to charge the device every 4 hours in order to complete the game.

Compared to the age of other portable devices such as the Nintendo Switch, this is much less than it, although the Nintendo device depends mainly on installing and running games. As for the Steam Deck and ASUS Rog Ally devices, the Sony portable device outperforms them, but remember that the latter works only to run games remotely.

It seems that Sony is relying on using the same battery of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller in the Project Q portable PlayStation, or perhaps an improved version, but not significantly as a kind of resource saving.

Sony did not reveal the release date of the device, but confirmed that it will be launched during this year 2023, so we expect that more details will be shared about it during the next few period.

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