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Managing your utility bills while trying to keep the temperature comfortable in your home is like playing a game of cat and mouse. For some people, maintaining the temperature they prefer at all times usually has an adverse effect on the electric and gas bills.

Here’s the really strange thing. There really is no need to play this game of cat and mouse if you can make one important concession. You will never be able to maintain the perfect temperature in your house year-round. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your desire to be comfortable. You can be comfortable and save money by setting optimum HVAC temperatures in your house.

How HVAC Temperatures Affect Your Utility Bills

As a rule of thumb, the more the temperature inside your home varies from the temperature outside your home, the higher your utility bills will be. You can run your HVAC unit 24/7/365 and you will notice your utility bills are always lower in Spring and Fall. Now you know why.

As a clear example, let’s say it’s the dead of winter and it’s 20 degrees outside. You prefer a toasty 75 degrees inside. If you would be willing to settle for 68 degrees, you could theoretically save 10% on your utilities.

Tips for Balancing Your Comfort and Saving Money

If money is no object, you probably don’t care about your energy costs. However, the government does care. That’s a signal everyone should do their part as it relates to energy conservation.

Assuming you are willing to do your part, you could probably use some tips on finding the optimum HVAC temperatures. For your benefit, here are four tips you can follow.

1. Conserve at Bedtime

While you are active at home during the day, you are more likely to experience changes in your body temperature. Your natural inclination is to adjust the thermostat until you feel comfortable. That is understandable. However, it is not necessary to do that at night when you are sleeping.

Humans tend to sleep better when it’s cooler at around 66 degrees. However, you have blankets and pajamas on you, which indicates you want to be warm. You have a choice. You can set the thermostat at 66 and wear pajamas with a blanket on top, or you can raise the thermostat, wear lighter pajamas, and sleep under a bedsheet while saving money. The effect is the same.

2. Conserve When Out of the House

You probably like coming home to a house that has the perfect temperature. Is that necessary.? You can save a lot of money by simply turning off the HVAC unit when you go out for over an hour.

3. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Every time you run to the thermostat and adjust it, you use a little energy. If you purchase a programmable thermostat, you could easily preset temperatures for day and night no matter what time of year it might be.

4. Find Optimum Temperature the Family Can Tolerate

If you want to be energy efficient, you might have to come down from your desire to always be perfectly comfortable. Maybe something a little higher in the summer and lower in the winter would be tolerable if it saves you money.

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