<pre><pre>The new Mac versus PC advertisement from Microsoft ensures that a man named "Mac Book" disseminates Apple

Apple and Microsoft have a legendary history of lashing on TV, often cleverly cutting each other in a series of iconic Mac versus PC ads. But the newest campaign from Microsoft is a pretty low blow – it apparently found a man named Mackenzie Book (Mac Book, you see?) to testify that the Surface Laptop 2 is a better buy than a MacBook.


Imagine the courage to comb the world for a single actor with the right name, so that you can come to the core phrase "Mac Book says to get a Surface Laptop" without an army of lawyers catching your throat.

Would Apple find a "Mike Rosoft" to use a new iPad? I do not think so. It is still too busy to decide whether the iPad Pro is a computer or not! On which Microsoft also has an opinion.

May I in the meantime propose that the image below be adapted in a meme generator? This text and this desktop background are normal begging replaced with other things that Mac Book approves.