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The Last of Us: Hit Series Could Get a Gross MTV Award Nobody Really Wants


Why is? The category where MTV could also award The Last of Us is best kiss. Namely for the scene where Anna Torvs (Tess) and Philip Prajoux (Infected) meet.

Action: The already infected Tess buys Joel and Ellie time to escape. Just before she sets off hand grenades scattered on the ground to kill herself and all monsters, she is struck down by an infected kissed. This is when the cordyceps fibers that protrude from his mouth enter hers – a nasty way of hastening the infection.

She endures it briefly to allow loved ones to survive. In short: the scene has nothing to do with a romantic kiss to do, which the category stood for in the past, as well as the Run Colleagues from Polygon.

The reactions are rather negative: many can’t believe the nominationfor example:

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