The label that is hot in New York, but too cool to be cool in Australia

“Rebecca’s collections are present in many of the best distributors worldwide. To me, she’s not a household name, but someone you meet when you’re into fashion and the beauty of ultra-feminine dresses with a cool vibe.”

Rebecca Vallance’s largest market is the United States. The buyers are just as enthusiastic.

“Rebecca Vallance offers beautiful feminine gowns, while peppering it with great tailored pieces,” says Kelly Shen, dress collection buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue. “It’s perfect to wear in New York.”

While big accounts and kind words can be a great thing, Rebecca Vallance, compared to Camilla, Marc, Aje, and Sir, is not often selected by stylists for photo shoots here in Australia.

Australian Laureate Award recipients Rebecca Vallance, Ken Done and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki are in attendance at the Australian Fashion Laureate 2022, which will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art on November 22.Credit:Getty

Vallance’s flower prints and diamond embellishments aren’t the only obstacles to becoming a “cool child”. Vallance was mocked at industry events as a former fashion PR professional, during her time with Nikki Andrews. She After her marriage to David Gasan, a successful businessman, she was also known as a cash-housewife.


“No one is going to buy a dress because of my home life or what I used to do for a living,” says Vallance. “They will buy it if they feel more beautiful in my clothes.”

“I worked hard. I’m a Ballarat girl, and that’s where I was born. When I started I had to learn all the areas of the business, except pattern making, never ask me to do that”.

“For 13 years I have had blinders to make this an international brand. I try to not worry about what other people think. I try to see the future.”

It is easier to imagine New York as Vallance working in a SoHo store, while the lease ends on a boutique located in London. As business recovers from the COVID-19 lockdown (when wholesale orders dropped 40%), more stores will be opened in Australia over the next 12 month.

“Even then I knew that this was what I wanted to do and that somehow I was going to make it,” says Vallance. “Now our wholesale is double our pre-COVID levels.”

Vallance, the Australian Laureate, gets her moment at a lectern in front of some fashion’s most fashionable set when she is presented with the People’s Choice Award. This award was voted by the public.

His speech is received with polite applause in comparison to Marc and Camilla, who won the Best Designer award. In a telephone call later that night, a fashion publicist asked me: “Can you believe Rebecca Vallance won a …?” award?”

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