The impressive Live Caption feature of Android 10 is likely to be launched on Pixel 4

At Google I / O in May, Google showed an impressive new accessibility feature for Android 10: Live Caption, which can automatically transcribe spoken audio from video & # 39; s or audio that plays on your phone. My colleague Dieter Bohn spent some time with Live Caption when it was announced and found it one of the most exciting features of Android 10. It's not just about accessibility; think of the moments when you wanted to know what is being said in a video but had no headphones nearby. Now you can do it without annoying anyone with the speaker, since Live Caption works even if the volume is lowered completely.


However, Live Caption was not ready in time for the release of Android 10 (despite advertising on Google Android 10 website) – but new evidence suggests that the Pixel 4 could appear next month.

XDA developers was able to install Live Caption on a Pixel 2 XL using APK & # 39; s that apparently had been lifted from a Pixel 4 device. And it seems to work as Google promised. In his tests XDA developers Live Caption successfully tested with Amazon Prime Video, Google Photos, Google Podcasts, Netflix and YouTube. Screenshots seem to show that you can quickly activate Live Captions from the volume panel (if you enable this shortcut in the settings menu), and there is also a switch to "mask blasphemy" if you put many of the letters in inappropriate words with asterisks.

Here is a video of it XDA developers from Live Caption that transcribes a YouTube video:

The fact that XDA developers this works on a Pixel 2 XL suggests that the function should technically support other phones than the Pixel 4. But if I had to guess, Google could roll out the feature on its latest flagship phones before it is taken to other Pixel and Android devices. It has a record of doing this with great functions; Last year Call Screen was the first to be launched on the Pixel 3 before it was extended to other products.

Google has a hardware event on October 15, where the company is expected to announce the Pixel 4 (including new devices) after weeks of thorough leaks. Maybe we will see more of Live Caption and we will see more demos than.