The Importance of Mobile Insurance

It’s safe to say mobile devices have become a regular tool in our daily lives no matter the situation. In fact, we use them for pretty much everything – including in how we communicate with the world, how we partake in professional industries and how we spend our downtime. So, it only follows that we’ll often be tempted by the promise of a better experience promised by emerging models on the market!

However, when making these all-important decisions, we often turn a blind eye to the additional costs that should be a priority when making any important investment. The major consideration being mobile phone insurance and, of course, this makes complete sense. No one wants to visualise all the accidental or frustrating situations that lead to repair or replacement costs, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

The common reasoning for avoiding mobile insurance is that it’s a notable expense to add to our daily lives, but this isn’t strictly true. In fact, you can even find premium insurance for an iPhone 11 at a mere £7.89 a month. But of course, it’s always a good idea to investigate our options. 

That’s why, before making a purchase, it’s important that you understand the policy completely and know what your phone will be covered for. So, to help you on your way, we’ve identified the terms included in some of the more comprehensive insurance policies on the market – so you can decide which work for you!

Theft or Loss

We can be extremely careful with our possessions. We can keep our pockets closed at all times. We can ensure our bag is zipped. And we can remember to pack up all our items two stops prior to our destination. But, unfortunately, this well-intentioned care cannot guarantee that you won’t fall victim to theft. 

Unsurprisingly, mobile phones fit directly into the crime landscape and have often proved a popular target for pickpockets. Now should these scenarios happen in the absence of an insurance policy, you could face a hefty bill and be left out of pocket. However, with an insurance policy in place, you’ll only be liable to pay the agreed excess fee – meaning that the bad situation can be quickly resolved before it gets worse.

Likewise, whilst you may be a naturally cautious individual and partake in a number of safety measures, an accidental loss can be unavoidable – the clue being in the word ‘accidental’. So whether your device falls out of your pocket on the street, is left on a shop counter or on the floor of that one amazing concert you went to, you won’t be able to ensure it’s safe to return to you. 

Liquid Damage

Liquid damage is perhaps the most frustrating and common situation that can cause harm to your mobile – from leaving it in clothes destined for the washing machine, falling into the pool whilst you’re getting that perfect picture or, less excitingly, falling victim to the rain. Whatever the situation, it’s never a fun experience and tends to lead to misguided home remedies that drag the inconvenience over a period of days. In short, a quality insurance policy will save you from that heartache and ensure that your device is repaired or replaced – so you won’t be left out of pocket or without a phone!

Mechanical Breakdown

Most phone manufacturers will offer a warranty period with the purchase of a new device, and this is nothing to turn your nose up at. However, the issue with this is that we often won’t make a note of when this warranty period will come to an end – meaning that any repair fees, for mechanical breakdown or that of the like, will be left in your lap following the period. By selecting an insurance plan you can ensure that your devices have the follow-up care they need when they need.

Worldwide Cover

Ensuring that your device is covered for any repair or replacement costs is one thing, but ensuring that the policy works no matter the location is another consideration entirely. Now, you may not be looking for worldwide cover just yet, but if you have plans or thoughts of travelling in the near future then it’s a good term to invest in!

Finding your ideal phone is an exciting moment, but what won’t be as exciting is finding it with a cracked screen or any other damage. To ensure that you’re never caught off guard by a similar reality, make sure you’ve fully considered the available insurance options.