The Best Prices for Auto Rentals

So you’re after a discount auto rental?

You’re not alone! Getting the best prices for an auto rental is a top priority for savvy travelers. But how about do you go about finding the best prices for auto rentals? With so many services to choose from and all claiming to offer the best price, what can you do to ensure you really are choosing the right one?

We’ve done the hard yards in helping create the ultimate guide for you so you can easily find the best prices for your next auto rental.  So here are the recommended steps to take the next time you need to hire a car.

  1. Search online from multiple sites

Consistency is key when finding the best price. A range of search portals for auto rentals are available for free online, in which you simply plug in your requirements for your hire and a range of options from numerous auto rentals will come up. This means that if you are after an SUV one-way hire for five days from LA to SF, the search portal will list all the rental service options and prices available to you. But don’t stop there—look at multiple search portals to see if the same best value options keep popping up for you.

  1. Rent from an airport for convenience

Time is money, so if you are looking for the best-valued discount with an auto rental, consider also factoring in how much time you want to spend collecting the vehicle. Often the cheaper a rental is, the further away it is located for collection. An airport rental will mean that you can collect the vehicle in a matter of minutes without having to fuss around or travel long distances. So don’t forget to factor this into assessing what the best discount options are.

  1. Research the rental website

To truly know just how quality the discount auto rental is, do a bit of research on the company. Look through their website to understand how they compile their packages and if there may be any additional hidden costs not shown in the upfront rates. Also researching third-party review sites are key to understanding how other customers have rated auto rentals you’re considering and if they express any specific concerns you should equally be aware of.

  1. Get car insurance for yourself no matter what

One of the biggest ways that a discount car rental price will significantly increase is if an accident occurs and you need to pay excess fees. So to ensure that your auto rental price truly stays low, pay a little bit more upfront for full excess cover when renting the car. That way, you won’t all of a sudden owe $5,000 more if an accident occurs.

  1. Fill up the tank with gas

Another way in which your discount price will no longer be a discount is if you try to skimp it on gas and not re-fill the tank up from the beginning. Many auto rental companies will charge an extra fee for having to top up gas. So make sure the tank is full before you go to return the car after you are finished with the hire period.

  1. Get the right car for you

Another way to ensure that you get the best prices for your auto rental is to select the appropriate car for you. Often, choosing a six-seater car for just one person is unnecessary and can make the daily hire rate go up by hundreds of dollars per day. Instead, go for more compact care and you’ll see the price go down.

There are numerous ways to get the best price for your rental car. Which tips will you use?