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The best prices, deals and bundles for PS4 Pro in September 2020

PS4 Pro deals are still available, albeit with shaky stock levels, but it’s worth noting that PS5 pre-orders have just gone live. That means you can buy a next-gen console for $ 499 (£ 449), or $ 399 (£ 359) if you forgo the disc tray. That puts PS4 Pro bundles in an awkward position. Still regularly priced at $ 399 / £ 349, it’s certainly worth buying a cheap PS4 Pro if you’re planning to catch up with Sony’s library as the PS5 drops in price in the years to come, but if you looking for the best PlayStation has to offer, we’ll wait until November.

The PS5 Digital Edition has PS4 Pro deals that have been beaten in price – and offers a more powerful console that’s still capable of 4K gameplay for a similar cost. However, it is worth noting that you will lose your hard drive to take advantage of this low price.