The Best Korean Webtoons You Must Read In 2021

This article discusses the best Korean webtoons. Since they were initially published, people have read them virtually every day. Readers divided the top Korean webtoons into platforms. Let’s have a look at them without giving anything away! 

Korean Webtoon has surpassed conventional Korean comics as a multibillion-dollar business. Besides,  they have expanded to the rest of the world and have taken the lead on Netflix’s K-drama platform. Moreover, there are hundreds of popular Korean webtoons that will keep you delighted for hours. Webtoons are an excellent method to learn about Korean culture and language. Some Korean applications and websites are not available in other countries. Learn about Webtoons and their various types to gain a better understanding of this topic.

The first thing you should know is what Webtoons is. It is an online story genre that is a hybrid of comics and cartoons. Webtoons have been around since 2003 when the renowned Korean search engine Daum started posting manga works online. Two years later, the Naver search site also joined the Naverwebtoons service. Naver’s entry has inspired many other amateur artists to create webtoons. Some works turn into movies.
The article has compiled a few famous Korean webtoons of 2 platforms Daum and Naver that you can consult and discover interesting things from these stories.

Korean Webtoons in

1. Tower of God is a Korean action webtoon manhwa drawn by Lee Jong-hui. The manhwa has been posted for free on since 2011.Twenty-Fifth Bam is a young boy who has lived his entire life trapped beneath a mysterious tower, with only his one best friend, Rachel, to keep him company. One day Rachel enters the tower, Bam tries to open a door into it, intending to find his friend in the maze waiting for him inside. On each floor of the Tower, Bam faces dangerous challenges that could cost him his life.

2. True Beauty is the best manhwa in 2019 about a high school girl named Lim JuGyeong, an ordinary girl with an unattractive appearance. During her time at school, she was always looked down on by her friends because of her unpretty appearance. She had to transfer to a new school with a completely new look. She learned to wear makeup to cover her flaws. After mastering makeup skills, Lim JuGyeong became perfectly beautiful in the eyes of her friends, instantly becoming the beauty of thousands of people. But her life since then has not only been like that but also two “surprise variables” appeared, the male god Lee Suho and the boy “Badboy” Han Seo Jun.

3. Sing Shong’s novel Omniscient Reader is a fantasy fiction manhwa. The manhwa is about an online novel with over 3000 chapters that create over a decade, and our protagonist Kim Dokja is the sole reader who has read it all the way through. On the day he read the final chapter of the series, his reality fused with the beginning of the series. Kim Dokja’s understanding of the novel becomes essential to his survival when the novel’s universe comes to life. To modify the novel’s original narrative, Kim Dokja teams up with YooJoonghyuk, the novel’s main character.

4. The boxer: Legendary boxing instructor K seeks a successor; he visits the gym where Ryu is practicing and recognizes Ryu’s potential as a star.  K would accept Ryu as a student, but he suddenly sees Yu, when Yu beat behind the gym. Yu could only sit there and suffer the struggle at the moment, his face expressionless, but K understood right once that this youngster was hiding his work. He attempts to get Yu to become his pupil, but he declines since he is uninterested. Meanwhile, young Jay is collecting the resolve to face a far greater foe to defend Yu. Stay tuned when the real struggle begins.

5. Yumi’s Cells is a story about a 32-year-old office worker – Yumi, who accidentally falls in love with her colleague Wook. Yumi has to “fight” with her love rival Ruby who is also pursuing Wook. Thinking that Wook had “fallen in love” with him, but it turned out that life wasn’t like a dream, Wook arranged for Yumi to have a date with Woong, but Yumi suddenly realise that Wook is gay. The love story between Yumi and Woong begins with many “turbulent” but equally sweet.

How about in the Webtoon platform
1. Peerless Dad was written by Noh Cyungchan and drawn by Lee HyeonSeok. The plot base on the realm of swordplay and martial arts. Noh, a street martial artist, is the primary character. To create a happy family, he met his sweetheart and immediately gave birth to children. Noh’s wife died after giving birth to triplets, proving that heaven does not delight humans.

2. Charlotte Has Five Disciples: Charlotte Eleanor is an Archmage who once saved the world by sacrificing herself using forbidden magic, but instead of dying afterward, she was rejuvenated and reincarnated in the body of a little girl, where she begins a new life in another world with a new name of Aria Lissen. She has no regrets about the time when she was still alive not really, except for one thing. In her second life in this strange world, Aria secretly told her that she would be determined to find one that, which she seemed to have forgotten through the busy years, was the love of her life.

3. As Dragon Pearl begins, Min, a 13-year-old girl, discovers that she adored brother suspects of deserting the Space Forces. Min, a shape-shifting fox spirit, with Charm abilities that allow her to affect the thoughts and actions of others around her. She smuggles herself onto a spacecraft and poses as a Cadet who murders. Min is enduring the rigors of Cadet life while searching for clues to the whereabouts of the Dragon Pearl, a legendary jewel capable of changing whole worlds.

4. The Archmage’s Daughter: Mabel’s foster family has been mocking her for years because she lacks magical talent. Until one day, she learns of her biological father’s existence and chooses to go see him. When she discovers that her father, Raquiel, is the most powerful Archmage in the country and they force to be separated when she was small owing to imperial history. Her father promises to protect her and do everything it takes to make her happy after meeting her.
5. Musty Diary is a light novel. It depicts the creator’s daily life through the eyes of a charming figure who is occasionally mischievous or humorous. Musty Diary is ideal for Korean ladies between the ages of 20 and 40. However, if you are not in that age bracket, it may be hard to relate. The series is excellent for receiving affirmation and making you feel as if you are not alone.

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