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JANA HOCKING: The raunchiest celebrity sex story I know and the star who is an expert in the sack

I'm going to say something wildly unpopular but true: Sex with a celebrity is different.I'm sorry, but it is. There's the adrenaline rush...

Illicit sex parties enjoyed by Silicon Valley’s finest see ‘warehouses turned into play space’

Silicon Valley tech moguls are attending exclusive, free-spirited sex and drug parties in California in droves, according to insiders.Sources say the 'Lifestyle' swinger scene...

Plastic surgeon’s wife who ‘attended sex and drug parties with Bob Lee’ is NOT helping murder cops

The married sister of the man charged with Bob Lee's murder has refused to help police - amid claims she attended drug and sex...

Cannes Hidden Gem: A Wild Teen Summer Vacation Takes A Dark Turn In ‘How To Have Sex’

There was an acting skill that was so crucial to the performances in How to have sex that writer-director Molly Manning Walker says it...

Mohammed Krayem jailed for rape, after fiancee ex Monica Young had sex with 14-year-old student

A tradie has been convicted of raping a teenager nearly two years after his teacher's ex-fiance was convicted of having sex with her 14-year-old...

Low libido? Zapping the clitoris with electrical impulses could help boost sex drive

It's a problem that affects up to 40 percent of women, but thanks to an unusual new therapy, low sex drive could soon be...

Young woman took two Plan B pills in one day after having unprotected sex twice

Young woman took two Plan B pills in one day after having...


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